This is going to be long, I hope you will stick around through all 26.2 miles[which may mean multiple posts], but if you don’t that’s okay. These posts are more for me than for anyone else. I want to remember how I felt in 2011 and this was a huge part of my whole year […]

I am in love with this hat. I do not typically like winter running beanies because they itch my head – this hat is different. On the interior of the hat a fleece like material is sewn all around similar to a headband. It keeps the hat from itching my head and keeps me warm […]

Every marathon expo I question whether or not I should buy any race gear. I am not a cheap person, but I do like finding a deal and I am a stay at home mom who is not independently wealthy. This  means spending upwards of $100 on a race jacket is not exactly my cup […]

When we were first asked to pick what legs were preferred to run at Hood To Coast, I didn’t do any research. I looked at a chart that told me which of the 12 runners had the longest and hardest rated legs and picked the top 3. When I was told that I was not […]

I have not written much about my experience at Hood To Coast, other than to say it was AMAZING. Why?  STILL feel like it was all a dream I have a mental block. My mind does not want to admit it is over. That the race I was looking forward to for months came and […]

What is Team Sparkle? A fun company that makes sparkle skirts for your athletic endeavours. Why are they better than other running skirts from companies I won’t name? Because you wear them over your regular running clothes. It is no big secret that I love Saucony and only wear Saucony to run in, so when I […]

I am back from the Pacific North West! My heart is full, my legs are sore, and I am very tired, but I am missing my teammates already. 200 miles seems like a long enough race, yet I find myself wishing we had another 200 more to go. Be on the look out for MANY, MANY more […]

It is FINALLY here. Hood To Coast with nuun! 3 more days till my flight departs Virginia for Seattle. I can not believe first that I even made this team[if you want to read my creative application CLICK HERE]. Second I can not believe the whole summer has flown by and it is already time […]