I’m home! After 5 days of traveling + hanging out in Eugene with the Brooks Running crew for the US Olympic Track & Field Trials I’m happy to be home with my little people once again.

Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Friday after a 2am wake up call I finally made it to Portland around 1ish to make the drive with the other Brooks Run Happy Ambassadors to Eugene.

I was the only one new to the bunch so I was secretly stressed that I wasn’t going to mix with them but I immediately felt like I was one of the bunch. All of them were lovely. I see why they all love getting together for this yearly Brooks trip.

Dorothy & Emily

I roomed with Emily! I was VERY excited to meet her because I’ve been reading her blog since before she had little people.

Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts

We stayed at a frat house that Brooks had rented that literally had views of the stadium steps away. I made some jokes about not ever thinking that my first time sleeping in a frat house was going to be when I was 34 years old with 3 kids. Dream big people, dream big. I kid. It was fun though and did bring me back to my college days where you had zero space and not a lot of privacy. It also reminded me how much fun I had getting ready for a night out with all my girlfriends and attempting to carry on conversations over the noise of blow dryers. I feel like a baby yet it’s been 13 years since I was in college – sigh. Time moves too dang fast in some respects and not fast enough in others.

Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Brooks left no detail to chance. I am obsessed with the pillow cases they had for us as well as the new Victory Collection Launch they gave each of us. I won’t be running in them because I want them to last 34092348 years.

Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Who wouldn’t want to drink out of these Brooks glasses?
Brooks Beer Glasses

After dropping off our bags quickly we headed right to the track to spectate the afternoon events.

Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Yes that is a runner laying down on the track mid-race. Needless to say, some races were more dramatic than others!

Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Once the races were over we headed to the Excelsior Inn for dinner and wine. After oh around 25 hours straight of being up, I was more than ready for bed. Emily warned me that the sun rose early in Eugene and she wasn’t kidding.

After a month that included a trip to the beach with my little family I’m fairly certain that the amount of glasses of wine I’ve had rivals the amount of miles I’ve run. So yeah I don’t feel prepared AT ALL for my half marathon coming up in San Diego in less than two weeks {Coupon Code: IRUNTHISBODY gets you a discount on all the races in the series}. Instead of racing it, it’s going to be a nice long fun run. It’s a good thing I like running long for fun, so it’s all good.

I’m signed up for a couple of Rock N Roll races coming up and if I can make them work then I’m going to pick one of those as a target half. More on other running plans later as well as how I plan to get back on track before leaving for San Diego……

AND before I forget I really want to thank Brooks for the entire weekend. I’m certain I won’t ever forget that time I got to go watch some of the fastest people in the US duke it out for a chance to go to Rio. The whole weekend still doesn’t even seem real. Thank you!!

xoxo Dorothy


Run Happy! Day One Olympic Track & Field Trials @mileposts



  1. i’ve been enjoying these Brooks weekend recaps on other blogs, love your seeing your side of the trip as well!


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