After what felt like a couple of month hiatus from sharing my randomness on this blog {really it was about two weeks – so short no one even noticed I was gone – ha} – I officially feel back and ready to share!

At the beginning of April my mom {@misslesleyruns on twitter and instagram} was interviewed by WJLA News Channel 7 on her thoughts on the Boston Marathon. My mom, who qualified for Boston this year, missed getting in by mere seconds. She submitted her story of how the bombings affected her last year and was one of the lucky few chosen to come back and race this year. My hope and prayer for her is that this year brings closure to an open wound that has been on her heart. After running the 3 years prior, I decided to sit last year out, and can’t be more thankful that I wasn’t at the finish line waiting for her to finish. This year I will be moving back from my coral to hers and starting this very special journey with her by my side.


If you would like to watch the segment you can CLICK HERE.

Boston Snez 2


Did you miss my post yesterday? I’m looking for a wannabe marathoner to run 26.2 miles with me in the Saucony 26Strong program this fall!! If this sounds like something you would want to do – check out the post here —

I don’t post on Mile Posts every day but I do ramble on the internet in these places daily!


  1. I am so glad that you are back to blogging! Awesome job by your mom! Look forward to cheering her on!

  2. Wow – I didn’t realize your mom will be running with you this year. That will be an amazing race to undertake together. I wish you both well and hope you have an amazing time. I’m sure it will be an emotional day, but very special nonetheless.

  3. Your mom is awesome. I hope you two have a great race! We’ve had similar stories here; local runners going back to take on Boston again. (I feel like every runner from last year should get to run it this year, if they want to…) I’ll be thinking of you from the M N.

  4. Wooh!! That is awesome you two are able to do something this big and exciting together!

  5. Krystin C. says:

    Enjoy this special time with your Mom!!

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