Since moving my treadmill earlier in the summer, I haven’t used it, not once. First it was because it was gathering dust in my garage, and then because I just didn’t want to. This is the first year I’ve been able to run four days a week without having to worry about pushing my kids, or getting on the treadmill while attempting to keep them entertained {read – not fighting}. I’ve heard from just about everyone and their mom and grandmother, that this winter is going to be WORSE than last year, this has kept me outside up until this week.

Lucky or not so lucky for me, depending on how you look at it, it snowed yesterday. There was no way I was doing my first structured speed workout in oh-I-don’t-know-how-long-but-its-sort-of-ridiculous OUTSIDE. 2 mile warm up – 5 x 5 minutes at half marathon pace {I’m being realistic with myself of what that is right now} 1 minute of active recovery in between each repeat and then a 2 mile cool down which totaled 8 miles. It went by pretty darn fast considering 8 miles on the treadmill sounds a little bit like torture right now.

The workout is from Mario Fraioli’s book and I sort of liked it in a speed work type of way.

My kids are home today {no school because of freezing temps and because they should have cancelled school yesterday and didn’t} and Whole 30 day 7 is kicking my butt. 3 miles on the treadmill seemed like an eternity when every 2 minutes one of my three kids was coming into the basement complaining about something. This is my first week of Boston training, my focus however is on the food I’m putting into my body and Whole 30.

I’m still debating what I want to do marathon wise this spring. I’m signed up and plan on running Boston but I really want to just keep Boston for fun, since we don’t exactly have the best track record together. For very different reasons I’ve sort of had my heartbroken every time I’ve run this race. I really just want to run it – once – and feel happy the entire 26.2. Sooooo that means I want another marathon to be my 30th before Boston…

My allergies are in full swing again – just like they were last January – but this time I have more knowledge as to what to do to help it. I don’t feel discouraged – I feel empowered that I’m not letting things derail me.

When I returned from Hawaii I looked like this….a swollen mess. My body hurts when this happens. Hurts. I will not go back to this place again. When I am tempted to not take my allergies seriously I look at this picture – it’s working.


I’m 10 pounds lighter than that picture and my digestive system feels really, really good.

I’ve been getting hives again, which are nothing new, but the swollen lip the other night was {super flattering picture below}. I started to feel the tingling, but tried to convince myself I was being paranoid – when I went to look in the mirror 2 hours after the tingle, my lip looked like this. Still no clue what caused it….

I’m also back to having a very hard time breathing when I run – which honestly is probably the suckiest thing in my life right now. I am 99% this is the year I’m going to have surgery to help fix this issue. I put it off last year thinking that maybe things will get better, but they haven’t, so it’s time.


Whole 30 thoughts on day 7:

  • For those of you doing Whole 30 or thinking of doing Whole 30, I truly believe you are missing half of the experience if you haven’t read It Starts With Food. It’s great to want to eat healthier, or make changes, but if you don’t know why you are making the changes or how they are affecting your body, then you aren’t really learning everything you could.
  • If you suspect you have food allergies, get tested. It’s near impossible to figure out for yourself what is and isn’t causing a reaction.
  • If you are having digestive issues that are severe, visit a doctor. In November I had a colonoscopy because my doctor wanted to rule out Crohn’s or Colitis. It was not fun, but having the doctor say that what is going on really, truly is a result of food allergies and IBS, helped me accept that there are some things I can fix and there are other things I just have to live with.
  • If you started Whole 30 on January 1st too and are ready to quit today, I promise it gets easier. I want to quit too. This timeline on their website is a lifesaver and really is spot on with how you feel each day.


Dreaming of warmer weather <3 — I really wish I was on a beach with my littles right now making sand castles. Until then I’ll just keep posting Hawaii pictures to keep the aloha alive in my head :)



Are you doing Whole 30? How is it going for you?

p.s. title nine is on Zulily today!! Lots of cute gear.

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  1. Whole 30 is the best thing to clear up a multitude of issues. Let me rephrase that, it will help you identify a multitude of issues so that you can make lifelong changes to get rid of them.

  2. Hi Dorothy!!! I’m totally loving this whole 30 diet! I know it might be too soon but I already feel different, as far as my body composition. I have a lot issues with being bloated and retaining fluids but my tummy is completely flat!!! so happy about that!
    The only thing is that my son and husband have been telling me that I smell different/weird. Lol!
    I guess my body odor… not sure. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this???
    I hope I’m not the only one. haha!
    Day#7 Yay!!!!

  3. I’m on day 3 of the whole 30 and probably over doing the fruit…. but I’m excited to get through it! I will make it 30 days! :)

  4. I’m doing a sugar detox right now (for 2 weeks) and it also eliminates all grains. It’s essentially the same as Whole 30 (I’m reading ‘It Starts With Food’ now) so I am introducing all full-fat foods and a lot fewer carbs than ever before. It’s HARD. I am learning so much that I will take into life post-detox but there are a few things I will sort of dismiss. I will definitely be reintroducing grains after this period because I don’t have any sort of issues with them. Other than that, it’s been eye opening to welcome butter and cream into my diet (albeit terrifying at first) and a great reminder to eat REAL food.

    You’re doing great!! What a pain and I’m sure it’s awful dealing with those allergies. Sounds like you’re on the right path… BEST OF LUCK!

  5. Hello Dorothy,

    I also suffer from IBS. I have never been able to link it to any food allergies, but stress is definitely a trigger for me. I started using Align (Otc probiotic) and couldn’t believe the difference it made. Most of my symptoms have resolved by taking it.

  6. Thanks Laura!! Stress is a trigger for me too and I had a ton of it 2014 – praying that won’t be as much of an issue in 2015. My doctor gave me a prescription probiotic – it helped me so much – I’m going to go back to taking it regularly again and I’m going to check out that OTC one too and compare. I wish they weren’t so expensive but such is life right? 😉 Have a great day!

  7. I absolutely love reading about all different types of “diets” or “detoxes” because you are so right – some things are great and others I dismiss – there really isn’t one answer for everyone! Good luck on your sugar detox :)

  8. I totally over did nuts, nut butters and dried fruits the first time I did it – that being said I still saw results and felt better – so I didn’t beat myself up about it – whatever I needed to do to make it through is what I felt – haha. Good luck!

  9. I certainly think you can feel better already!!! My stomach feels LIGHT years better. Maybe your body is releasing toxins and that’s why you smell? No clue….I know I smell different based on what I eat {hello garlic} or what period my hormones are at in the month….YAY for Day 7!!!

  10. Totally agree Shelly. Hope you are doing well!

  11. Thanks! I am trying to just relax and be “okay” with anything on the approved list! :) I’ll be looking to your blog for carb ideas while training through the whole 30!
    OH! And I totally think you should run a “fun” Boston Marathon this year! You never know, taking the pressure off might produce a good performance! :)

  12. I’m not doing whole 30 but came off 2 yrs of paleo after my ultra on 12/28, have been GF still but eating dairy, GF grains (both packaged stuff and prepared by restaurants, bakeries), legumes, potatoes, tomatoes. I’m kind of on sugar/grain overload. Will finish up the indulgence this week then back on paleo as I resume Boston training.

    I’d thought I’d feel better re-introducing GF grain since I think I might have gone lower carb than I should have – and it’s not a fair test since I did a 50k and then a few days later was up over 30 hrs straight crewing another runner, plus travel, time changes, sleep deprivation and a LOT of stress – but my brain/psyche seems happier about the grain than my body. Now trying to resist the urge to get on the scale as I’m already beating myself up enough about the “damage” I’ve done.

    Oddly though, my digestion has been ok with the GF grains as long as I don’t eat until I’m about to explode. Am getting to the point of craving veggies tho. Debating keeping white potatoes as they’re apparently allowed now (but I don’t eat nightshades normally, so that would be a change). I’m also on the GERD diet and have issues with many fruits and veggies, so it’s a very limited diet and it can be really stressful and challenging for me and DH, and I was feeling really deprived for the last year or so.

    Hope everyone has lots of success with their whole30, detox and other eating plans!

  13. Thanks for sharing that whole 30 link. I’ve read the Paleo Solution a while back, but never the Whole 30 book. Switching back to paleo takes a bit of getting used to and that guide is helpful!

  14. Hi Dorothy,
    I saw your lip picture and I get the same thing and it is an allergic reaction for me. Oddly, it is a response to peppers for me….hope this bit of information helps you.

  15. Your work with Whole 30 and marathon training is so inspiring! I’m so glad I have a free gym membership at my job so that I can keep up, the treadmill may not be fun, but it’s better than being outside! Like you, my lungs/breathing are often my biggest challenge as a runner. Good luck and I hope it begins to improve. Keep going with Whole 30! I am so glad that you were able to rule out Crohn’s and Colitis, speaking from experience, they are not fun. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  16. I have IBS and it isn’t always clear what my triggers are! Just when I think I’ve figured it out, something else gets my tummy all funky. Most doctors aren’t interested in helping patients with IBS, so it is really up to us to sort it out.

    I’m inside too on my treadmill, and as much as I hate to admit it, my run today showed me that I need to run inside a bit this winter. I’m training for a Florida half in March, and I know the humidity is going to make it tough. I was really hot and uncomfortable on my paced 6 miler today, and I’m hoping more of that will help me acclimate. I was already planning my speed work inside…

  17. Glad things are going well for you! We are very excited to follow you along your journey. We hope you will check out some of our resources on Boston Marathon Training on our post today; elite runner Tina Muir researched creative ways to train for the downhills through the winter. We think you would enjoy it :)

    Whole 30 is going to be great for you during your training, will mean you really give your body the best opportunity to succeed with the correct fuel!

  18. This is the year I get some answers about my digestion and health issues. I know I have some major food sensitivities and I need to get lots of stuff ruled out and diagnosed. I think I’ve been depressed because it is so limiting and in denial because I want to think I can eat “good” most of the time but the truth is I need to eat in a way that agrees with my body 100% of the time. When I do Whole 30 or the 21 Day Sugar detox I feel the best, but I know I”m going to need to eat that way for months probably to heal and get better. My gut gets super bloated and heavy just like yours when I eat stuff that my body doesn’t like.

  19. Thank you for sharing this. I have been in the same place with food allergies myself. Thanks for sharing about the Whole 30

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