1. Last year I had the privilege of meeting Bart Yasso. I volunteer at a local race each year and am part of the Very Important Volunteer Team [oooo la la]. For the past two years I have gotten to pick up the ‘celebrity runner’ and take them to their hotel. Being the running geek I am this type of thing really excites me. They are essentially captive in my car, so I can ask them any and all things running. I capital L O V E this.
Colton, Bart and I – Boston Marathon Expo 2011
Last year I was secretly preggo with baby #3 and shared my news with Bart. Of course I will never forget meeting him, but I was pretty sure he would forget who I was. When I found out he was going to be at the Runner’s World Booth at Boston I tweeted him that I hoped I would run into him, he replied to be sure to stop by. On my birthday he wrote on my facebook wall. Both things that I figured he did for any runner who was semi-stalking[ok not stalking – I just happen to like him as a person] him. I walked up to him at the booth at Boston with my mom and best friend Amy. I started to introduce myself to him again and low and behold to my surprise he interrupted my introduction because he he remembered who I was. I introduced him to the little Bean I was pregnant with last year. I FELT COOL and don’t mind admitting it!

Tired Preggo & Bart Yasso 2009

2. Rather than staying in the city of Boston this year I stayed with my mom at her friends house. It was about 25 minutes outside of the city and it was AMAZING. At times when I am staying at someone else’s house I sort of feel uncomfortable. I look forward to going back to my house and being among my things. I.never.wanted.to.leave.this.house. I felt so relaxed and peaceful the whole time I was there. I seriously look forward to going back in the years to come[Boston 2012 anyone??]. The house is situated on about 6 acres, is across from a rather large pond and is next to a Wild Life Preserve. It was such a treat to a. not have to pay for a hotel but also b. stay somewhere so beautiful and inviting oh and c. be with my mommy!

3. A couple of years ago I ran the Richmond Marathon with two of my girlfriends who happen to be twins. In the past year all three of us have run marathons and have all ended up running 3:26’s on three different marathon courses. Megan ran 3:26 at Columbus Marathon, I ran 3:26 at National Marathon and Meredith just ran 3:26 at Boston Marathon.  Seriously people you can’t even try to do that. A 60 second time frame over 26.2 miles is literally an insane coincidence. I love that all three of us now share that time and I’d like to think it’s God’s way of showing us he cares about all three of us.


  1. love the Yasso story!

  2. runthelongroad.com says:

    I love Bart Yasso! He was the MC last year at the Philly Half marathon. We all had our names on our bibs and he was saying "good luck" to random people over the mic. I literally stared at him until I got his attention and he said "good luck, Kristy"! It totally made my day!

  3. That is too cool about Bart Yasso…you better tell ginny at neurosis of a stay at home mom of 3, that you stole her BFF! 😉 I love the story of you and your friends. That is just awesome!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    It's funny that I stalk you stalking now. I think that is the coolest thing ever about the times.

  5. The Samson Family says:

    I just remember how hot it was when we took that picture. not a good thing to feel and boy we were in for it :) So cool that we all ran 3:26!

  6. Rebecca Samson says:

    That is so crazy that all three of you have run 3:26!

  7. Last year I was running the Ogden (Utah) marathon and was at mile 12 when two guys behind me started to talk. Through the conversation I realized one was Bart Yasso. I was so excited and planned to talk to him…then unexpectedly hit The Wall and totally forgot he was even there. It wasn't until I finished that I realized I had missed out on a great opportunity. Glad you got to meet him!

  8. mickiruns says:

    Awesome post!! Bart Yasso is the best, somehow I keep missing him! I will meet him one day!

    I LOVE that house. Looks gorgeous, no wonder you didn't want to leave!!! :)

  9. Pemberton Family says:

    Oh my goodness, I have so much to catch up on. I just read your Boston Marathon race report, amazing and emotional. I was crying reading it. You are so strong, seriously my idol. I am probably just days away from giving birth (seriously as I type this I am having contractions:)) and I can't wait to get back out there and run like you did after having Colton. Congrats on an awesome marathon. You rock!


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