If you are looking for arm warmers that provide function over fashion [though I do still think they are a fashionable solid color] check out the Saucony Elite Arm Warmers.

They are tight enough to offer some compression, but not so tight they are uncomfortable. They have never ONCE slipped down and have worked well for me in short races and marathons[National Marathon & Boston Marathon]. I personally feel faster in a tank and arm warmers than I do in a long sleeve shirt. They also are easier to roll down, should I get hot, rather than a shirt that I would have to take off.

I wore my wonderful Vizi Pro Pink ones at Hood To Coast and am in love with the color. I was never really one of those girls who loved pink, but I am now!

*as always I was not paid for this review and the opinions are my own


  1. Amanda@runninghood says:

    You rocked the pink Dorothy. It took me a second look when I saw you in pink though…hadn't seen you in any pink on your blog. :) That is how I was not too long ago and now I embrace the pink. Still have not embraced the running skirt but never say never…that might grow on me too. You rock that too. :)

  2. Nicole Wagner says:

    you know for being so in love with Saucony shoes, I have never worn any of their clothes but now I am really wanting to try! AND I have lost my Nike Arm warmers so no better time than now for my upcoming fall races!!!

  3. Suz and Allan says:

    Looks like arm warmers is something else to add to my list of runner apparel that I "need"! I do think it would be much easier than peeling off a long sleeve shirt or hoodie that I typically wear for the fall races when it's chilly.

  4. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Great for Fall races coming up!! I'm doing an Adventure Tri in two weeks, think they could get here by then?

  5. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    LOVE them :)

  6. I'm new to arm warmers too. I just got some about a month ago diffently loving them in this chilly weather. Love the color of Saucony arm warmers.

  7. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    I love that photo of you at Hood to Coast. Awesome. and that shade of pink is enough to convert a few anti-pink people!

  8. I just ordered these arm warmers in pink! Thanks for the review! I have been debating on which ones to get forever!! Can't wait to get them and try em out!

  9. Great! Saucony's awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

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