On my way home after the Marine Corps Marathon 2008 I turned to Eric and in all seriousness said to him – I feel like a champion – he smiled and said – I will never let you forget you said that(he had a large smile because I think he thought it was pretty hilarious that I was saying that) – you really mean that don’t you? – to which I remarked YES. In all seriousness – I feel like a champion! I meant it and still do. The feeling after finishing that race is nothing that I can explain. I had visualized myself at the finish crossing under 3:40 so many times that when it actually happened it felt very surreal. I felt as if it had already happened many times before and that I was awake in my dreams.

George Sheehan: “Everyone who finishes the Boston Marathon has their own great moment in sport. Each of us on this day has achieved greatness.”

One week from now it will all be over – I will officially have finished the Boston Marathon and will finally feel like I can include myself among the ranks of “real runners” – I hope on that day when I see Eric and Miles at the finish I can again turn to him and say I FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION

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