My treadmill is in my bedroom, literally 2 feet from my bed. It faces the TV and my favorite corner of the house. I am thankful that instead of putting the treadmill in our unfinished basement we put it in my bedroom. I like looking at things that make me happy.

The treadmill reminds me every time I look at it just how much I love running. I don’t love the treadmill per se but I don’t hate it. Now that it’s getting colder my stroller runs outside are getting few and far between. No longer do I wake up ready to beat the summer heat. I keep my pj’s on till it’s warm enough outside to bundle the boys and run. Soon it will be too cold to even do that. That is when the treadmill becomes my best friend again.

We’ve shared long runs together and super long runs {20 miles}, tempos {like last weeks 2 miles at 6:31 pace}, and hill workouts {try running uphill at an 8 % incline for half a mile}, we have shared many miles and many tears with out moving from the same spot beside my bed. For that I am thankful. I am thankful that my husband knew just how much I wanted a treadmill and just how much I would use it. I am thankful he spent too much on it and got me one of the best around. {I’m also thankful that we got it at 1/2 price!}

I’m thankful that when I run on it I get to look at my favorite corner in the whole house. It is filled with things from people I love.

A mug from my friend Michelle, a framed card from my mom, a print from my friend Jess, lots of nuun from the fabulous people at nuun, a vintage and very heavy key from my grandmother as well as an old cow bell.

My children’s initials in Christmas ornaments from friend Claire [Anthropologie]

A framed drawing by Chloe – our family – Miles, Eric, Me, Chloe, Colton

A vintage rug from my grandmother that she purchased in one of the amazing countries she lived in many many years ago.

Another old beauty from my grandmother on top of a book from my friend Ashley [Anthropologie again]

A sign my husband bought me. Always remember to keep calm Dorothy.

A vintage wash jug from my mom, in front of my $1 yard sale frame

My mothers old trunk as a side table. Yes this is how they used to pack when moving countries!
The trunk is older than me.

Articles I wrote for Washington Running Report.

Writing makes me want to run.

I’m lacking motivation today and I know it is because it is a rest day. I have more energy on the days I run. I’m resting today because I’m racing tomorrow!!!

Do you live in the Northern Virginia/DC area? Looking for a race this weekend? Check out the Fast Feet For Food 5K. No race day entries so you MUST register today! CLICK HERE  Entry fee is $20

Did you qualify for Boston 2012 but your time didn’t get you in? CLICK HERE to find out how to get one of 12 entries available to raise money for ALS research.

What are you feeling thankful for?


  1. Your corner is beautiful! I love all the Nuun lined up on the mirror :)

    Good luck at your race tomorrow! Enjoy your rest day!

  2. Thanks for the info about Boston! Maybe I can run it now!!
    :) :) :) :)

    Application sent!

  3. Melissa Cunningham says:

    love this post!
    i too am thankful for my old faithful treadmill…and so much more than i could ever list out!
    very thankful for my husband and soon to be 4 children,
    very thankful this morning/all day sickness is starting to fade so im getting back to running!whoooo!

    good luck at your race tomorrow!
    im sure you will rock it out like the awesomeness you are!

  4. Lindsay O'Donnell says:

    Love this post! I am especially thankful for my family today. Especially with holidays around the corner. :) Can I ask where your cute desk is from? I love it!

  5. I love your little nook!

  6. Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen says:

    I love your little corner and that you shared what is special about each of the things! I can't believe you've logged a 20 miler on the treadmill – that's impressive! I love the "keep calm" sign…I'm fairly positive my husband would think I needed that :)

  7. {lifeasa}RunningMom says:

    What an awesome corner and I just love the white! I just did a lot of repainting of furniture at home and converted more to white. It is so bright and cheery!

    The desk is amazing. Did you make it yourself? I love the storage for books right there by your side. It would be a perfect spot for me to blog versus on the couch with the laptop on my lap. :)

  8. I love your style!! I wish I had somewhere other than my boring kitchen table to call a work space…

  9. theAlmostRunner says:

    Gorgeous room! Thanks for showing all your treasures! : )

  10. Run with Jess says:

    Love your corner of the world… is it always that CLEAN!?!

  11. Amanda @ Sistas of Strength says:


  12. I love the eclectic mix. I am feeling very thankful for good health, good friends and loving family :)

  13. Great corner!! I bought a treadmill this year and I'm so happy I did. I do prefer running outside, but not when it is dark and I'm alone. For my weekday runs I hop on the treadmill and it makes running through the cold winter so much easier.

  14. Nicole Wagner says:

    I LOVE that corner!! so inspiring! I can't wait til I have a house and can make a little spot for myself:):)
    I am hating the treadmill lately but as winter approaches i know I need to find some love for it somehow! any tips?xx

  15. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

    Thanks for sharing you corner of the world!! Love your happy tokens to inspire you during the TM miles–it's obvious running makes you happy!

  16. thethinksicanthink says:

    Just curious – which treadmill do you have? I want one for when I'm in residency so I can still run!

  17. Carla Runs The World says:

    Catching up on blogs after a long vacation, and OMG! I so wish our UAB (unaccompanied baggage) came in a cool looking trunk like that! Meanwhile it's all in boxes — no fun! The State Department should reinstate those ASAP!

  18. I love how you have surrounded yourself with things you love from the people you love! My wonderfully amazing husband just bought me the best treadmill he thought we could afford (twice the amount I would have spent). It arrived just the other day and I have loved running on it and playing with the settings! I will forever grateful for his ability to foresee a need I had and fill it!

  19. I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up!

  20. what name means blessing

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