Meet Erin Henderson, a super speedy mom of 12. Yes I said 12. Next time you want to find an excuse why your kids prevent you from working out or running, think of Erin and how she makes it happen!

Name: Erin Henderson

Age: 34

Location: Afton, WY

Twitter Name: @SeeMomRunFar

Blog Name:

How long have you been running: 2 years and 8 months

Favorite race distance and why: Marathon! I love racing and I enjoy all of the distances, but the marathon is just “me”. When I was training for my first one I thought that it was something I would do once to be able to say that I did it, but after that first one, I was hooked. I love doing something that many people wouldn’t attempt. I love the feeling of pushing myself, physically and mentally, to my limits. I love race day, but I also love all the hard work, dedication, time and effort that goes into the training. There is something magical about the marathon for me.

How many marathons have you run: Six (in 11 months).  #7 will be the WDW Marathon on January 8 (as part of the Goofy Challenge) and #8 will be the Boston Marathon in April 2012!

Where you started to where you are now: I don’t do a lot of smaller races, as I live in a remote, rural area and we don’t have many local races, and I save my race/travel money for marathons. :)

5K: first, 5/09 – 32:02, current, 6/11 – 21:18

10k: first, 6/09 – 1:02, current 12/11 – 41:24

10 Mile: haven’t done one

1/2 Marathon: first, 9/10 – 2:04:50, current, 7/11 – 1:38:18

Marathon: first, 12/10 – 4:15:50, current, 9/11 – 3:28:15

How did you get into running? I was looking for a new form of exercise in my journey to lose weight and decided to try it. On my first “run” (April 25, 2009) I couldn’t even run a mile without walking. It was the most humbling experience and it was pretty miserable, but something inside me just clicked. I was a runner. I was determined to be able to do it and I have run just about every day since.

What accomplishment are you most proud of: In life, I am most proud of being the mom to my 12 awesome kids (nine of which we have adopted). I am proud of my marriage and how Josh and I have a relationship built on love, faith, trust, loyalty, passion, fun, support, respect, encouragement and shared beliefs and priorities. I am very proud of losing over 75lbs and keeping it off (and losing it in a healthy way). In running I am most proud of qualifying for Boston on my first attempt, and of being chosen by Brooks to be on their ID team for 2012. I am super proud to be sponsored by Brooks!

How do you make time to run? I am a firm believer that if you only run on days you can find the time, that you will never run. I also am a firm believer that in life, you make time for the things that are most important. I can always make time for a run. Sometimes that may mean getting up super, crazy early. Sometimes it may mean missing out on something else. I never put running ahead of my husband or my kids, but other than that, running comes ahead of most other things. Making running a priority is a way to make myself a priority, and in that way running has brought a lot of balance to my busy life. I regularly run over 65 miles a week and am always able to get my miles in. I love it. I enjoy it. it is important to me. So I do it.

Favorite Quote: “”Why would you try hard at anything at life? Why would you play guitar if you weren’t ever going to be a rockstar millionaire? The simple answer is you do it because you love it. You have a passion for it, you find meaning in it, and you are curious as to what you can accomplish in it. …when push comes to shove,  the real motivation to pursue anything whole-heartedly has to come from within. It is the internal drive inside that beckons you out the door everyday, to push one mile, one step, further. Faster and faster. You need to see and feel that progression and change in your life; you have an instinctual desire to improve your “skills” in something that may help you survive.” – Sage Canaday


  1. Erin is truly an amazing mom,wife and runner. Thanks for sharing Erin Journey. I love reading her blog.

  2. I love reading Erin’s blog. She is such a great inspiration to me both as a runner and a mom. I want to be just like Erin when I grow up!

  3. Thanks for highlighting Erin! I love her blog and she deserves a good kudos for all she does!

  4. Thanks for this! Hugs! :)

  5. Wow, what an inspiration!

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