What is Blue365®? According to the Blue365® website – Blue365 offers exclusive health and wellness deals, keeping you healthy and happy, every day of the year. It’s a national program offered by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to members of participating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies. Think Groupon or LivingSocial for members of participating Blue Companies. Who doesn’t love a deal these days?

For those of us who want to live a healthy lifestyle or for those of us who want to BEGIN to make changes in our life to better ourselves physically and mentally, having a website that offers discounts on deals relevant to our lives can make a huge difference.

Signing up for the website took less than 2 minutes. After shopping around and looking at the different nationwide deals and then various local ones I decided to purchase a course from eMindful. I had recently read an article on CNN Health about mindfullness helping to curb overeating.

I am someone who constantly struggles with overeating so the eMindful courses grabbed my eye. This month eMindful was offering a course on Bringing Calm and Focus To Overwhelming Situations. While there isn’t one specific overwhelming situation going on in my life I would venture to say that on a weekly basis I feel overwhelmed.

Many people find it easy to raise three children – I’m not one of them. Not only am I constantly exhausted from everyday life, but couple that with chasing around 3 kids 6 and under and I hit a wall weekly. At night I often find I am in a foggy blur waiting for it to be time for them to go to bed so I can go to bed as well; if it weren’t for my husband I am not sure how I would make it through some nights.

I am hoping that taking this virtual class will help me learn tips on being more mindful not only in overwhelming situations but that the tips may cross over to other areas of my life. There really is no time like the present to start living the life you want. Change doesn’t happen overnight (much to my dismay).

Little things do however add up to big things. Taking the first step to live a healthier, happier life can make all the difference years down the road.

10/1/00 I ran my first road race. I wasn’t fit. I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle, but it was the beginning of something that has ultimately changed my life for the better. I have over the past 12 years had many ups and downs. I’ve fallen off the healthy living cycle more times than I can count, but it’s true when they say: it’s not how many times you fall but how many times you pick yourself back up again.

As a mother of three I don’t just have myself to think about anymore. I want to be fit, happy and healthy so I can be a good mom to my children. I want to be a good example for them. I want to live a VERY long life. I want to see their children and their children’s children. My great grandmother lived to be 101 years old; I want to follow in her footsteps.

Kudos to the Blue Companies and Blue365 for creating a website that helps us save money on things that can improve the quality of our life. Want to learn more? Click here to visit Blue365.

How are you planning to stay healthy during the Fall and holiday season this year? Answer in the comments to be entered for a chance to win one of two $500 Visa gift cards, courtesy of BlogHer.


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  1. I am planning to stay healthy by getting a flu shot, eating well, exercising often and attempting to keep my stress levels low. :)

  2. I’m not purchasing Halloween treats until the day before they need handed out 😉 I’m also staying on track with my running.

  3. This fall I am going to keep running as much as I can during the week. First of all, who can resist a little puppy begging for a run? Also, I purchased some great cold weather running gear (from Nike and Under Armour so that I can get out there even on chilly days. And as you always mention…being more mindful when eating!

  4. I’m making sure to get 7-8 hrs of sleep every night and drinking lots of water (no soda/juice). Must.stay.healthy. during marathon season!

  5. Always inspired by your healthy lifestyle! I try to workout 5-6 days a week, drink 100 oz water a day and generally put clean food in my body!

  6. I am a mother runner of 5. I don ‘t know how you do it with 3 in a stroller, I have a heck of a time with just one!
    I’m training for my first half and full marathons next year, as a former smoker, this is a huge step in getting healthy!!!

  7. I am making time for my workout every day and making healthy dishes to bring to parties.

  8. I am running my first full marathon in January, so I try to imagine how I will feel crossing the finish line. This motivates me to stay up on my training each day this fall.

  9. On a mission to get healthy!! Started with quitting all diet sodas.. Now trying new things like Hiking, Yoga!!

  10. My goal this October has been to drink fresh “green” juice everyday! I’ve been doing well and hope to continue through the holidays. I need to get my greens in because during the holidays I definitely gravitate toward the sweets!

  11. I am going to listen to my body and take more time for recovery, sleep more, eat better

  12. I’m in the taper before my first marathon (MCM!). I’ve also got a half marathon in November and December. Hopefully, having races on my calendar will keep me training and eating well!

  13. I’m going to work on eating cleaner, smaller portions, keeping up a good exercise regimen, and going to bed earlier!

  14. Eating healthy and working out for me.

  15. This fall & into the new year I will be training for my first FULL marathon, and working on strength training to reduce my body fat. Of course using moderation and portion control to maintain a balanced diet :) I am also using the fact that next year is my 20yr High School reunion as motivation 😉

  16. I plan to stay healthy by training for my first full marathon!!

  17. I plan on getting the flu shot (first time ever after! My oldest son, 5 at the time, and I got the flu late last season and I swear never again!), exercising regularly (training for two half marathons should help!), keeping a food journal and making healthy versions of holiday favorites to take to the family celebrations.

  18. I plan on staying healthy by running and doing yoga and eating clean. I started to follow a training plan for running and list out my meal plan for the week on sundays! Planning makes it easier to stay on course!

  19. How are you planning to stay healthy during the Fall and holiday season this year?

    I just keep on runnin! There is no off season for me. Running in the snow is fun and I don’t mind the treadmill.

  20. i am running my first 5K

  21. I have no children and find that I can barely put myself to bed each night… I’ve read that excess fatigue can be caused be a mild gluten allergy, so, like many others, I plan to experiment with taking gluten out of my diet and monitoring my health, fitness, and energy levels. Here’s hoping for good results!

  22. becky holbrook says:

    i’ve been re-focusing my running and am aiming for a spring marathon, hoping to blow my current marathon PR out of the water. i find that when i’m running/strength training consistently, i make healthy choices everywhere else!

  23. I plan to stay fit during the holidays by sticking with moderate exercise after coming off lots of races!

  24. Erika Soloj says:

    I’m going to relieve my stress by consistently running through the freezing winter weather.

  25. I’ll be keeping fit during the holidays by training for my 2nd half marathon and attending crossfit classes a few times a week.

  26. I plan on staying healthy by continuing what I’ve done for the past 7 years. Maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy (most of the time!), keep running and cycling. I also treat holidays as days, not weeks. Thanksgiving is one day, then we’re taking a 3 day cycling vacation!

  27. I’ve added strength training to my workout schedule in hopes to pr my next half this winter, and we try to take a family walk almost nightly. It’s a great use of family time after dinner.

  28. I plan to continue running through the seasons! Also, taking my little ones out for daily walks now that it’s not SO hot!

  29. I am going to stay healthy by meal planning and CrossFit!

  30. I’m going to stay healthy by training for a half marathon (motivation to keep up with my running despite the business of the holidays), making sure I get plenty of rest, and continuing to eat healthy. Everything in moderation!

  31. I’m a newbie runner, so I plan on staying healthy by slowly and steadily building a good running base! And eating lots of fall and winter veggies :)

  32. My friend and I are meeting for walks 3x week….it helps to have a friend to hold you accountable and keep you committed.

  33. I’m marathon training for the January 13th 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon to stay healthy through the winter! It’ll be my first!

  34. After going through the stress of moving, starting a new job, and trying to sell my home – I’m trying to get back to healthy eating habits.

  35. I plan to continue running 3 days a week, walking 2 days week, and strength training thrown in too. Also, I think the biggest reason my small children have not been sick at all this year is because I make them wash their hands before we leave daycare or school. No germs make it to our vehicle!! I really think it has helped.

  36. I tweeted too! :)

  37. I plan to make sure I am getting enough sleep, continue exercising/running, and make sure I have healthy snacks at home.

  38. I am staying healthy by training for a half marathon taking place in January. Having a race to look forward to will keep me focused. I also will maintain my healthy eating habits for the most part, including going meatless at least 3 days a week.

  39. I plan to stay healthy this fall and holiday season by giving myself a break. A break from my high expectations and goals. Instead, practice living in the moment and spending time with family and friends, even if this means staying up late or missing my run! I won’t consider this an “indulgent” but rather an “enjoyment” which we all deserve and so do our families. Have a great holiday season : )

  40. I am going to run a half marathon this fall and a course the local turkey trot

  41. Oops, I forgot to include the hashtag on my first tweet, so I sent another tweet. https://twitter.com/terri519/status/258370303628034049

  42. Heather Zeh says:
  43. I plan to stay healthy by continuing to train for another marathon and eating healthy!!

  44. I plan on doing the Insanity dvds after completing my second marathon in November. I need to switch things up, and it’s a very challenging workout!

  45. lisas80203 says:

    I plan on running more and completing a Cathe STS rotation (weight training similar to PX90 for all you who are not familiar with Cathe Friederich’s workouts). I will also try to be careful with regards to me diet (less junk food, more protein, fruits and vegetables)

  46. Laura Case says:

    Im training for my first half marathon, so thats keeping me busy! I try to eat clean as much as possible (cut out alcohol, bread and sugar when I can)

  47. Tanya Corkum says:

    I am planning on continuing to eat healthy and avoid going overboard with my favorite holiday treats. I also want to keep up a variety of workouts each week and when it gets cold and blustery outside I’m going to try hot yoga!

  48. Thank you for the info Dorothy, you are awesome! I plan to run through cold, snow, ice, whatever mother nature throws at me in the midwest. If I just get out there I will see the beauty!

  49. I’ve been a Blue Cross person for 20yrs, can’t go wrong with them! I love the idea of Thos new online tool~win win for everyone!

  50. I am in a coed soccer and league and I have a few races on the books I am looking forward to. Fun giveaway!

  51. I tweeted as well!

  52. My plans to stay healthy are to continue to get exercise and keep up with my marathon training schedule, making sure I get enough sleep, and watching those holiday food splurges. Yum.

  53. I plan to stay healthy by continuing my return of running / training after having the baby =) Lots of winter treadmill runs are in my future! =)

  54. I plan to stay healthy by always remembering my priorities in life. I have 4 children 11-18 and though they are more independent, the fatigue is mental now not physical. Regardless of the struggles in any part of our life, we are not defined by what we do but by who we are. My choice to be the best parent I can is the main priority. I love many other things like running but my best way to succeed is feeling confident that I am balancing my life. Keeping my mental perspective healthy keeps the physical part healthy also.

  55. Anne Burau says:

    Running and lifting weights is going to keep me healthy this fall season!

  56. I am going to continue to run daily and limit the amount of sugary treats that come through my house’s door. I am going to drink more water and focus on fueling my body with the “good stuff” versus the “naughty temptations” but still allow myself a treat every now and then. :)

  57. I plan to stay healthy by making healthier and more nutritional versions of fall and winter comfort foods and by getting outside as much as possible for fall hikes while the leaves are still so beautiful in western North Carolina!

  58. I plan to stay healthy by keeping up with running and tennis throughout fall and winter. Also, by knowing how to say “no” to all the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas treats and desserts.

  59. I am trying to lower my late night snacking and carb intake. I am hoping to stay fuller longer by doing this and avoid sugary snacks.

  60. I am trying to get outside and walk as much as I can… also get enough sleep and eat right.

  61. Planning on running 5 marathons in 2013: Disney plus 4 as part of the Utah Grand Slam. My goal is simple…don’t get injured!

  62. I’m training for my 6th and 7th marathons during the holidays, so I’ll be running, cross training, and eating a lot of veggies during the holidays.

  63. I stay healthy by running, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and surrounding myself with beautiful and uplifting people and things.

  64. I’m going to focus on living in the moment this holiday season. Enjoying my family, playing outside in the cold (usually I avoid winter) and continuing to run. I started in March and I hope to run my 2nd half marathon soon.

  65. I’m going to try to start each day with exercise, and if not, some meditation and a little yoga! I think that starting out the day on a calm and healthy note really keeps me in the mood to take care of my mind and body for the rest of the day!

  66. Chuck Swanson says:

    I plan to stay healthy by training for my spring marathon and working on gaining speed and endurance during the winter months. Bootcamp classes, running, cross training, sprints. You name it and it will be on my task list. Great contest and thx for the opportunity.

  67. I am staying healthy this fall by working on eating less processed foods and finding alternatives for my kids too! And of course running :) This is the first year I have run consistently for an entire year. Usually I fall out of the habit after a race or training cycle. I’m pretty sure this will be my highest mileage year ever!

  68. This year was a bit of a roller coaster for me in terms of my emotions and life situations. One of the really great things that happened was that I used my workouts and training as a way to deal with the sorrow and stress that I felt. I had a FANTASTIC season and I plan to use the momentum and good energy from that to carry me through this fall and holiday season. I also struggle with overeating and I’m hoping that this good energy will help me make good choices for the next couple of months so I can fight the extra Christmas pounds that I normally put on. :)

  69. Tina Friend says:

    I plan on training for a half marathon this fall so I stay on track.

  70. Run, run, run. And then just keep running :)

  71. Lisa Brown says:

    I am planning to stay healthy this fall and holiday season by eating right, getting enough sleep,
    and not letting the stress of it all, get to me.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  72. Lisa Brown says:
  73. Jennifer N. says:

    I plan to keep running this fall and winter…it’s my favorite running season! Also, I am going to continue tracking what I eat to keep myself accountable.

  74. I’m planning to make time for exercise, as hard as it may be with 3 little kids!

  75. I have a bunch of certificates to use up by the end of the year for things like kickboxing, yoga, CrossFit and boot camp, so that along with a bunch of races scheduled in November, will keep me on the right track.

  76. Tiffany Winner says:

    i’m going to find new healthy holiday recipes using fresh veggies

  77. Tiffany Winner says:
  78. Tracie Trump says:

    I am planning eat better and start going to zumba classes, tracietrump@yahoo.com

  79. I’m dropping what medications I’m able and planning to exercise more

  80. I plan to take walks and play lots of tennis to stay healthy this season.

  81. Monica Young says:

    I would really like to take Yoga this year. In addition to eating better and taking a multi-vitamin I also want to exercise regularly and make it a family event so that we all stay healthy and active.

  82. Rebecca Graham says:

    I plan on staying away from the high calorie holiday food and eat more fruits and veggies and work out.

  83. Susan Scheungrab says:

    Eat well, sleep well, run, don’t skip my strength training even when it hurts, and make sure not to miss anyof my cancer follow ups. It’s not a place to save time.

  84. Smarter Food Choices

  85. I got my flu shot, and am drinking extra water and getting extra sleep since I’m pregnant!

  86. I am going to drink more water, get more sleep and stay away from the sweets!

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  87. Tweeted


    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  88. I’m going to exercise at least 5 days a week even with all the extra holiday activities. Also, I’m going to drink lots of water and try not to eat too much sugar.

  89. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I am going to start running every other day, and lifting weights the days off. I want to eat a lot healthier too!

  90. Stefanie Gladden says:
  91. Victoria Z says:

    I plan on staying healthy by exercising with my kids, continuing to run, and working on my food choices on a daily basis!

  92. As healthy as I try to be, I always end up getting sick several times each winter. This winter I’m going to try using Thieves Oil. I’ve wanted to buy it for a long time to use w/ my family but it is so expensive! But I’m going to buy some today and get our immune systems all ready for the soon arrival of germs!

  93. I plan to try to portion control when the goodies come out!!! Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  94. Annette D says:

    I am planning on eating healthy food, getting some exercise everyday and make sure to wash my hands often.

  95. Annette D says:
  96. I have been walking 7-10 miles a week, and I hope to continue doing so throughout the holiday season and beyond. This is how I hope to keep extra pounds off & stay healthy.

  97. jennifer horn says:

    I plan to keep exercising, get a flu shot, eat right and take vitamins.

  98. jennifer horn says:
  99. Jessie C. says:

    I plan to keep up with my exercise schedule and add more produce into meals.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  100. Jessie C. says:
  101. Jessie C. says:
  102. Melinda G says:

    I plan to stay well by washing my hands, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and keeping my workouts regular.

  103. Jamie Brigham says:

    I would love to win this, the opportunity is amazing. I am so proud to have a sister who’s always had my back, who’s listened when I needed her too, who has trusted in me and believed in me. She and I have been through many tragedies and we are the only ones who truly understand that kind of pain. Sisterhood means having someone who is your best friend, someone who trusts you with their life, someone who understands what you are going through and gives you advice when needed. We are one another’s keepers.

  104. I plan to stay healthy by getting my flu shot and washing my hands often. Also, I need to stop kissing my 5 year old all over his face. I have a feeling that’s how I get sick! LOL

  105. Karina Lee says:

    I just got a jogging stroller so I can’t wait to run with my kiddos

  106. Karina Lee says:
  107. eat enough veggie and fruit.

  108. Becky Horn says:

    I am trying to get healthy by having regular Dr. visits, eating better and exercising as much as I can.

  109. Becky Horn says:
  110. Samantha Daleo says:

    I plan to stay healthy by walking daily and drinking more water.

  111. Karen Propes`` says:

    I have started to do light exercise to help me lose weight that I’ve put on since I was having so many surgeries. I drink lots of water and we eat healthy and not go to fast foods.

  112. Nicole Balogh says:

    When weather starts getting cold around here, I like to do exercise DVDs in my home. Some of my favorites are Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred, the 10-Minute Trainer, and Turbo Jam. We also make a lot of healthy crockpot meals and try to avoid eating fast food.

  113. Nicole Balogh says:
  114. I plan to stay healthy by making sure I exercise and watching portions and alcohol intake.

    wovlerina401 at gmail dot com

  115. Eating healthy. Watching the sweets. Walking. Taking vitamins. I already got a flu shot as I am near my young nieces and nephews a lot and I tend to older parents. I am trying to get enough sleep. I am trying to stay hydrated with water. I use a stepper when watching tv. I also make sure that I have time with my husband and friends.

  116. Deb Anderson says:

    Plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and continue riding my bicycle as long as the weather permits!

  117. Our dog walks the entire family after dinner on most cool, Autumn nights.

  118. We go on lots of walks in the woods around our house and at the high school track!!

  119. nannypanpan says:

    i am gonna start taking vitamins again and watch what i eat

  120. I plan to bundle up and take my son for walks to the park as often as possible. We have a little playground that is 15 minutes away and a few parks that are a bit farther.

  121. I am staying healthy during the holidays by training for a few races I have set up for next year. I will continue to exercise reguarly and eat healthy.

  122. This sounds so awesome! Kudos to BCBS for the initiative!!!!

  123. Tonya Mathison says:

    I plan to stay focused on the importance of my health and how wonderful I feel being in shape and able to do things I never thought possible! ( I just ran MCM!!). It’s a daily habits that I want to continue…eating well, staying active and taking time for what really matters in life!

  124. nicematters says:

    Running through the COLD and sharing the early morning wake-up struggle with my awesome running buddies. MINDFUL eating is also on the How To Stay Healthy list.

  125. I’m going to work out at the gym or hike to stay healthy through the Fall and holiday season.

  126. I’m using an exercise ball and weights to exercise, and plan to eat healthy during the holiday. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  127. Walking and eating healthy

  128. I won’t over-indulge at the holiday table!

  129. I’m trying to get back into a fitness routine and exercise on a regular basis using an exercise log. I’m also planning out meals, and resisting sweets when shopping at the grocery store!

  130. I plan to stay healthy by continuing to run during the “off season” as well as increase my speed and strength with HIIT workouts. I’m also going to forgive myself when I miss workouts or eat poorly.

  131. I’m going to continue training for a half marathon in April, so I have to run all the way thru the winter. It’ll definitely keep me in shape through those sedentary months!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  132. I love to walk, so I will be doing that outside until the snow falls. Once that happens, I will have to resort to my treadmill.

  133. zumba at the gym

  134. I plan on taking it easy on the hydrogenated fats and taking walks..thanks for the great giveaway

  135. Ashley Tucker says:

    I plan to stay healthy by running.

  136. Ashley Tucker says:
  137. I plan to cut way back on the desserts and then do a lot of walking!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  138. I tweeted
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  139. I plan on watching what I eat over the holidays and using the treadmill

  140. Tweeted also


    marybug2 @ yahoo . com

  141. When it’s warm enough, I’ll be walking outside, and when it’s too cold for that I have a treadmill and stationary bike in the basement.

  142. I am trying to stay healthy by watching my eating and not over eating all the amazing fall and holiday treats

  143. Can you email me Meghan?!?! irunthisbody at gmail dot com

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