As a runner, who doesn’t always listen to music, and who mostly trains alone for marathons, I have a lot of time to think.

I think about anything and everything. Some days the thoughts can be maddening other days they feel invigorating, as if the run is giving me a gift. A gift I would have only found if I had spent time alone with my thoughts. I love those AHA moments. The moments when you feel like you have solved something in your life, the moments that change you in some small way only for you to realize later they changed you in a big way.

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now, but recently really started to debate whether comments should stay or go.

When I started I really didn’t understand the blog world. I had no clue people could make money off a blog and I didn’t realize there was a whole community of Healthy Living Bloggers and Running Bloggers. Call me naïve but I didn’t really realize what all of this was, till I got asked to run Hood To Coast on a company sponsored team, all because someone had stumbled upon my speck of the internet. It was eye opening on many levels and really was the first time I started to use twitter in a manner that promoted not only the company but my blog.

There was a period of time in there that I defined how successful my blog was by how many comments I got on a post. At the time I didn’t know what google analytics was and the thought hadn’t crossed my mind to define success in any other way than comments.

I started adding questions at the end of each blog post to get people to comment. Around that time I realized that a picture was a must for every blog post, if you didn’t have a picture or a question at the end – did the post really matter? I say that jokingly. I started realizing that baiting headlines got you more hits, but they also increased the bounce rate – meaning people were clicking because they wanted to see what the title meant but once they realized it was just bait – they left quickly. Is that what I want as a blogger and a person? People just clicking on my blog so I can add up the numbers and send it over to companies in a media kit {for the record I do NOT have a media kit}.

At some point on my journey I started to care about comments less. Not as in I didn’t care what people had to say, I did and do, but in the way that I didn’t want 85 comments on my post saying things like – wow that looks good – or yay for fro yo – I eat it all the time too! I wanted quality over quantity. I also really valued and still value the people who take the time to send me a heartfelt email. I keep those emails in a folder in my inbox titled – “when you are feeling down” and I revisit them when I need a little pick me up.

What are page views if people aren’t genuinely getting something out of your blog?

I’ve debated long and hard what I want out of this blog and what I hope others receive from it.

I don’t just want page views, I want to be able to share my story in a meaningful way that hopefully in some small or big way helps you on your life journey. I want to pay back the people who have unknowingly helped me with their words.

As social media has become a prevalent thing in the blog world it seems that comments may be on their way out. Genuine interaction in the form of conversation is here to stay. For this reason I’ve decided to disable comments on my blog. I do love conversation and I want to continue to have one if you so choose – facebook, instagram and twitter are great places for that to happen {or there is always the contact form}. I also have track backs on my blog – so if you want to blog about something I had to say and link to my post with your opinion – that will show up on my blog!

One of my goals for 2015 was to stop reacting and start creating. I do an awful lot of reacting and not as much creating. I hope that by turning off comments it will enable me to create more worthwhile blog posts. I won’t need to put a question at the end of the post because I won’t be measuring the success of a post by how many comments it gets. I hope it will also let the authentic part of me come out more as I worry less about how others are reacting.

If you are reading this and thinking that no blog comments might be great for your blog – check out this article COMMENTS OFF or this one I’ve Pulled Comments From My Blog – Here’s Why. I’m not going to say comments will be off for forever. If blogging has taught me one thing, it’s to never say never. For now though, this feels right for me.

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