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I was over the moon excited when BlogHer wrote me and said one of my posts would be featured as the first in a series of posts relating to the New York Marathon.

I was in a different solar system when they told me it was my 26.2 Bible Verse post. I am well aware that not everyone that reads this blog is a Christian. Maybe you are one and you just do not like to talk about it. For me as I have grown as a runner my faith has strengthened and as my faith has strengthened I have grown as a runner. I can no longer explain my running with out explaining my faith. I am the runner I am today because of my faith in HIM.

If you haven’t seen this post on my blog before or would like to visit it again you can find it at BlogHer today!!

26.2 Bible Verses For Marathon Running

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Hope you are having a wonderful day! 

I’m feeling extra thankful.


  1. Dorothy I haven't yet read any passages from the Bible but would like to. I know you see the number 8:18 often and it has very special meaning to you. I often see the numbers 1:11, 11:11, and 9:11 on the clock. One of these at least everyday. I'm not sure if these mean something for me, but I'd love for them too. I really need to look up their meanings in the Bible. My husband thinks it's just a coincidence that I see them. I do look at my watch/clock often, but not because I'm "looking" to see these numbers. Just hoping to find a connection with HIM.

  2. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    I love your bible verses for marathoning post! love the new look of your blog!

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