A well said compliment can lift your spirit and change the course of the day.  Why then is it so hard to accept a compliment gracefully with no asterisks following it?

Wednesday was my first day of Bible Study for the fall season.  A couple of years ago a friend invited me to come to an introduction class and see what her Bible Study Fellowship was all about.  I went – it wasn’t bad, but I decided it wasn’t for me.  I made up excuses of why I just didn’t have the time for it – when really my heart just wasn’t ready for it. 

Fast forward a year I decided to give it a try again. [a lesson all of us can learn – just because you don’t like something once doesn’t mean you might not grow to love it if you try it again at a later date – THINK – Oh I hate running – I tried that 5 years ago – try it again!] 

Last year we studied the book of John and I’ll tell you it was downright interesting.  John, The Bible, and interesting are probably not three words that would have ended up in the same sentence together if you had talked to me two years ago.

Some of the girls and I who really enjoyed the study last year[some runners, some non-runners] decided to form our own little summer Bible study on the book of Esther.  Again I’ll say it was downright interesting.  I not only learned more about Christianity but got a further glimpse into Jewish history. 

I believe in signs – they are there.  It’s up to you to see them.  The overall group leader read a verse about how she felt about her life as a new mom, over 30 years ago. It was my quote.  I knew I was in the right place.

Isaiah 40:31 – But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Wednesday I saw women I had not seen in over 3 months.  The compliments flowed in how great I looked and how tiny I was for almost being 31 weeks.  Had this been any normal day I would have responded to their comment with “me – tiny?  oh you are being nice – I’ve gained over 30 lbs and seriously I’m huge
How do such things make the compliment giver feel? 

I respond this way to compliments on a regular basis.  Why? 

I’m pretty sure I do this because some where inside me, something says that if you gracefully take the compliment then you agree with what the person is saying.  Oh you like my outfit – it is fabulous!  Oh you think I’m small – darn right I am!  These are not things I think so I respond negatively.
That day I decided that the more positive way, the more uplifting way to live my life is to say a simple “thank you
No need to put yourself down when someone is saying something nice.  Accept it.  Roll with it.  Let it bring your day to a better place.


  1. I'm a new runner and love the blog! Great post. I heard a great, honest response to a compliment is, "Thanks…I needed that today."
    Thus, encouraging your encourager. Glad you're enjoying BSF!

  2. Well said! Made me smile. :)

  3. I once heard that you can't even absorb a compliment unless you accept it. So true! I often find myself explaining away a compliment, but since hearing that, have tried to just accept and move on.

    Oh, and the picture on RLAM does show your cute TINY belly!

  4. Mike Russell says:

    You are right — when I am complimenting someone the phrase I like to hear the most is "Thank You". Don't discount what I said with justifications, etc.

    Great post Dorothy.

  5. Wonderful post. I noticed myself doing the same (denying compliments) and actually have to force myself to say "thank you," and then stop talking! B/c if I go on, then for sure I'll add a disclaimer and to be honest, I think denying or explaining away a compliment makes the person giving it feel bad and less likely to give a future compliment.

  6. I read the post earlier this morning and somehow totally missed Isaiah 40:31. I just posted that verse on my blog a little bit ago. I definitely believe in signs.

  7. The Longendyke Family says:

    It is so true and so sad. People are so hard on themselves and compliments can be so hard to accept. Thank you for putting it into perspective! :) Oh, and you did look fabulous on Wednesday! 😉 I'm so excited for Isaiah. I cried during Carolyn's lecture. I'm struggling with how to manage everything this year/semester and BSF is definitely not something mandantory that I HAVE to do. However, when she was talking about comfort and hope, I knew it was what I needed to hear and where I needed to be exactly. I know that through God and through Isaiah, we're all going to learn so much this year and be better women on the other side. :)

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