Wanted to share a recent post I did for Believe I Am – What Do You Believe? http://www.believeiam.com/blogs/biablog/8735265-what-do-you-believe-guest-post-by-mileposts-dorothy-beal

Believe I Am Screen shot

What butterfly necklace does Mile Posts wear all the time? {got to love google search stats – wink wink} It’s the Believe I Am – I Am Butterfly necklace! Debated and debated if this little gem was with the $$ – finally decided to buy it for myself and YES I literally wear it ALL the time.

BIA Butterfly 2

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  1. I have a Believe I Am training journal and love it! I’ve been eyeing up the necklace for awhile as well.
    Karen @karenlovestorun

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