A note about BEAUTY. You will see it if you look for it.

If you are looking for the negative and ugliness in life you will also most certainly find it.

Lizards and the like are gross to me…….but this little guy week after week has been coming to visit our house.

HE [or she] is beautiful.

He climbs into a tin on our front porch and just hangs out. I always wonder if he is searching for water so I run inside fill up a cup and dump it into the tin for him. Miles’s loves him and believe that he is HIS lizard.

Never did I ever think I would say that a little creature like this was beautiful but that is JUST what happens when you look for the beauty in things. Blue is my favorite color and I just love how great it looks on his tail.

What could you look at today – differently – to see BEAUTY?


  1. I’ve been seeing those lizards all around our porch the last few weeks, I don’t remember seeing them at all before in our area. So beautiful!

  2. That’s gorgeous! I love his colorful tail. :)

  3. I recently found beauty in bumblebees. Although I am allergic, they are quite beautiful and so very delicate.

  4. Melissa says:

    Mine is totally spoiled and y’all are going to hate me, but right now I’m finding beauty in the big storm that’s going on where I am…which is easier for me to do than for many other people because I work from home and don’t actually have to leave the house!

  5. Today I am finding beauty in safety. In the way that God keeps us safe and healthy and secure in circumstances that we cannot control–like a car accident. I am so grateful that me, my daughter and my little unborn son are safe after our car accident today. There’s part of me that wants to get all wrapped up in the cost of the repairs and who’s fault it was and will the car be totaled and “if only I had taken a different way” and all the other busy thoughts that cloud my mind. But I am finding beauty and peace in safety.

  6. I’ve never seen them before this year either!! Wonder where they are coming from? :)

  7. It’s my favorite part – not sure I would like him so much if he wasn’t as colorful 😉

  8. Bumblebees are one of my favorites – that quote that talks about how they shouldn’t be able to fly but they don’t know that so they do it anyways – always *inspires* me :)

  9. Sarah – I am so so glad you are safe and sound! Sounds very very scary :(

  10. Melissa – I LOVE storms :) I always find beauty in a rainy day! Hope you enjoyed it.

  11. michaela says:

    you have a skink! we have them down here in georgia, too. enjoy the beautiful blue tail now while it’s a juvenile – it will grow into a tan-colored adult with a bright orange head.

  12. Good to know!! So does this mean if he is a baby he has siblings or a mom around?

  13. Great post!! The little lizard is cute :)

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