Before my 20 miler on Saturday I looked up what I did for my last 20 miler before B & A in 2010. I looked this up on my blog……my blog helps me remember things….moments……so I am introducing a new weekly post. THINGS THAT MADE ME HAPPY Tuesday – it will be filled with random thoughts. Read on if you have any interest in my ramblings, if not, no hard feelings – these posts are mostly for me to remember all the wonderful things that happen in life.


1. My last 20 miler before B & A done. Mile 17 was an 8:18. Last mile 7:07 pace. My last 20 miler before a marathon is typically my hardest, most discouraging run of the training cycle. I didn’t exactly finish it feeling strong, but I didn’t feel weak either. I haven’t been talking much about my marathon – I prefer to talk about things after they happen. The reality is in the marathon you do not know what the day will bring. You can put in all the work and be in the best shape of your life and still end up with a result you don’t want. On the flip side you can have a less than perfect training cycle and end up pr’ing because your body isn’t broken down. I’ll be chatting about B & A Marathon non stop in 3 weeks AFTER I’ve run it.

2. Cleaning out my closet. This weekend I did a MAJOR purge. If I haven’t worn you in over a year or two then it was time to go no matter how much I liked you. I also decided that I never ever ever want to be a size 25 in jeans again. It’s way too small for what my body wants to be and only fits when I don’t have strong leg muscles. I happen to think STRONG legs are beautiful – so I’m embracing my curves and getting rid of those jeans. I also happen to think that all this muscle on my body gets me to the finish line of marathons PRETTY darn fast – so if I’m not the smallest girl in the room I don’t care – my goal is to be the fastest [wink wink].

3. It’s Valentines Day. I’ll admit that up until this year I looked at Valentines Day as a day for couples, people in love. I have a NEW outlook on it this year. Valentines Day is a day to show your love – to each and every person that you care about. You don’t have to buy them flowers or send a card – it only takes a moment to send a text or a tweet and let someone know you are thinking of them and that they are important to you. This year is extra special because I have three little valentines who have totally embraced the holiday. When Miles snuck in to my room at 4:30 and asked if he could snuggle me – I told him to hop in and wrapped my arms around him. We both fell asleep snuggling. It was the BEST Valentines morning ever.

4. Making new friends. Colton and I met up with Meg today for coffee [though I had already OD’ed on coffee for the day so I didn’t get any]. Meg happens to be a kick butt marathoner who I met through my blog. I’m coaching her right now to another speedy marathon. I am pretty sure the speed has nothing to do with my plan but ALL to do with the fact that this girl doesn’t make excuses EVER and is one of the most committed athletes I’ve ever met. Oh and she is getting married this week – the week that also happens to be her peak mileage week of 70 miles. I emailed her asking if there was any way she was going to be able to run this many miles this week with all that she has going on and she said to me –  I don’t commit to something that I do not plan to do 100% – I’ll fit in 70 miles. Pretty sure she is going to be blasting past me at a marathon soon.

Remember this super cute shirt? It's from Meg!

5. HomeGoods. I’m officially obsessed with this store. This little FAMILY sign makes me happy every single time I read it.

Circle Of Love

6. Side buns. As a WAY TOO BUSY mom of three kids I need to find hairstyles that can look OK in a matter of minutes. I’m loving the side bun at the moment. Looks like I actually tried – instead of just throwing up my hair. Bonus points – my friend said my hair looked cute at pre-school drop off :)

Did I mention I love Madewell shirts?

7. Super speedy runs. I had ZERO time this morning to squeeze in a run after Chloe left for school and before Miles needed to head to pre-school so I squeezed in a super speedy 6 miles finishing at a 6:30 pace. Whoop Whoop.

8. LIFE. Isn’t it grand? It’s nutty, crazy, overwhelming, beautiful, mixed up and all over the place especially as a mom of three who runs marathons – but in reality I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m feeling extra blessed today.


Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day. What are some things that recently made you happy?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love HomeGoods too. I’m afraid if I went there more frequently, I’d just clutter up my home. I’m loving that I’m getting to leave work ON TIME today do go have dinner with my husband, without having to do the dishes :)

  2. Ok….so you saying you threw away size 25’s shocked me. I thought I was huge with 26’s. Thanks for helping me realize that strong, short, stubby legs, are better than weak legs. Ugh. It’s a body/mind process. Always working toward wholeness. We made new friends at marriage retreat with our church this weekend. It was overwhelming but worth it!!! Thanks for posting. Seriously.

  3. Thank you for sharing (as always). I love Home Goods and could spend hours in there which could end up being very very bad! I really enjoyed this past Sunday. The man of the house and I went out for breakfast, went to see The Vow, and followed it up w/some frozen yogurt. It wasn’t anything spectacular but it truly felt like a date day. Well, with a trip to Home Depot thrown in to buy a new toilet seat. I mean, he DID take me to see The Vow so how could I object?

  4. There are way too many things on that list that I love!

    Snuggles on bday!! To precious!
    And congrats to Meg for bein amazing!! That’s so incredible that she is so committed!!! And I hope her wedding goes well! Congrats to her an her new hubs!!

    I wear a side bin to work 99% of the time so that I don’t look like a slob but don’t actually have to fix my hair

  5. I wish I could get through six miles at a 6:30 pace! My best Valentine’s Day snuggle was with my baby too :) Side buns are a godsend on busy mornings.

  6. I LOVE the side bun!!! I’m rocking one at work today :-) Just as a matter of laziness, I can’t be bothered to blowdry my hair, so I’m all about the cute hairstyles that don’t require heat or product :)

  7. I am the same way with my last long runs, they are usually terrible. I’m hoping that this weekend’s will break that cycle, but I won’t hold my breath. I prefer a 2 week taper, so with your last run being done, I guess we’re racing the same weekend. Good luck with yours!

  8. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    What race are you running Heather? :)

  9. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    :) :) :) Hope you had a great day Stephanie

  10. @ Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal: I’m running the New Orleans Marathon. You?

  11. Hiii Dorothy!
    Meg is my neighbor and I can attest to her dedication!
    I sure wish it would rub off on me! :)

    I remember how excited she was when she told me you’d be coaching her!

    Headed to the wedding tomorrow

  12. ohhh side buns…this busy mom of three must try this. :) I’ve been doing a lot of hats and pony tails. Haven’t had a hair cut in a year or something. Yes, life is wonderful isn’t it?! I’m waiting to get inspired again so I start blogging more often …perhaps if I visit you more often I’ll get back again. Oh, and my kids were all super excited about Valentines…they woke up so early!

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