It has only been a mere nine days since little Colton became a part of my life, yet I feel more inspired than ever. 

When I’m training for a marathon I find myself full of words, thoughts.  Full of people, places, ideas that inspire me and push me farther in my training and in my life.  I’ve struggled over the past nine months or so to find that same sort of inspiration.  Blogging has been spotty at best.

Nine days later the ideas keep flowing from my head.  Is it the new life I hold in my arms?  Is it a new perspective on my path in life? Am I simply more comfortable in my own skin, now that I don’t have heartburn, backaches, leg cramps, nausea and more?  Maybe it’s everything and nothing in particular at all once.

I need a journal.  I need to write down the ideas before they leave me.  So little time to actually blog, when I have so much to say.  If I write down the ideas then I can blog about them later – be re-inspired by them?

My story for today is one I love to tell.  It’s short, simple and sweet – but I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

I ran the B&A Marathon in March of this year.  If you have been following my blog since then you will know that it was a very special day in my life and a huge PR for me.  [Read about it here]

Prior to the race my husband said to me out of the blue.  If you run under 3:30 in this marathon I guess we can have another baby.  I laughed.  Who says I want another baby?  I’m fine with the two I have. He said yes, but I’m just saying if you want another one we can have another one.

I grew up in a large family.  My dad is 1 of 8 and I am 1 of 4.  My dads family loves babies and love having them.  I have over 40 FIRST COUSINS.  I’m not even sure on the exact count of cousins. I have some I haven’t even met.

If you asked me when I was growing up what I wanted to be in life, I would have told you simply – a mommy.  I wanted LOTS and LOTS of babies.

Fast forward many years and I seem to have changed my mind a little.  It’s not that I don’t love babies.  I do.  I have just learned how hard it is to carry them for 9 months, birth them, raise them and provide for them.  I’ve learned the struggles and joys that come with being a parent.  I’ve learned that you will skip that dinner out with your friends because you are putting away money every month in your child’s college fund.  I’ve learned that it’s stressful for my husband each and every day thinking that he has to make sure that 4 and now 5 mouths are fed, clothed, and have a warm home. 

I’ve learned a lot of things.  I became fine with the two wonderful children I had.

My husband will admit to you that he said we could have another baby because he DID NOT THINK I WOULD GO UNDER 3:30 in the marathon.  I giggle about it now.  Not only did I go under 3:30 but God surprised us with another little baby only a couple of weeks after my race.  Roughly 9 months after the fastest marathon of my life I gave birth to Colton.  The pushing lasted for less than 5 minutes. It seemed only fitting to me that when he was ready to come – he would make a fast entrance.

Colton is my prize.  He means more to me than my medal did and does. 

You do not know what you are missing until you have it or loose it.  I didn’t know how much I loved running till I finally became a runner.

I didn’t know I was missing Colton in my life until he showed up. He showed me that he was the final piece of our puzzle. He completed our family of four and turned us into the most wonderful family of five I could have ever asked for.

I Corinthians 9:24 – Run in such a way as to get the prize

What is your prize? A person? A place? A moment in time?


  1. Wow. What an incredible story! I might have to share that with some people. Colton is definitely a prize. I will let you know in February what my "prize" is :)

    Beautiful post, as always! So glad to know you are feeling more inspired than ever. New life just does that to us.

  2. Lesley @ says:

    Perfect story… my third was the final piece to my puzzle. She is JUST like me. 😉

  3. Love this story! I beat you on the # of first cousins!! My mom is one of 16! ha ha!!! I am grand child #53 and there's some after me!!! Looking at life in general I think most Mom will say their kids are THE prizes of their life. Looking just at the running side of life the prize is to show my kids when I can do and what they can do as well. And the biggest Prize of me running races is that they dont care about my time, they care that I finish and in THEIR 4 and 6 yrs old eyes I am the best out there!!!

  4. *~* *~* Tracy says:

    This is a wonderful story! My 4th was a complete surprise – we just adopted our daughter because we had secondary infertility (ha!)when I realized I was pregnant with him. He's a crazy little monkey but we couldn't imagine not having him in our lives. I love how God knows what we need even when we don't.

  5. The prize isn't a thing or person, it's the abilty to know and emulate a life, an example that was set for us.

    I Corinthians 9:24 – Run in such a way as to get the prize.

    That means to do all things, running included, in such a way that we show God to others.

    This post is you doing just that. Thank you. May I be so blessed that I can do the same.

  6. Congrats on your little boy! Write everything down because things change so quickly!

  7. what an incredible story!! I loved this post! Doesn't God have a sense of humor? lol… love that your husband said that and that you ran your fastest marathon ever! 😀 love this story!

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