It’s easier said than done but RUNNING YOUR OWN RACE is one of the most important aspects of racing.

If you run someone else’s race you risk *hitting the wall* and not hitting your goal.

LISTEN to that little voice inside of you that tells you to HAVE PATIENCE and follow the plan – BIG THINGS CAN HAPPEN.


Boston Marathon sent out a newsletter recently with this picture:


I literally can NOT stop looking at it. It makes me smile.

Desi Davila more than 30 meters off the front pack at the 15K went on to come in 2nd place female. She also went on to win a spot on the US Olympic Marathon team by finishing in the top 3 females at the Houston Trials.


Make your own choices in life. Do what works for YOU in terms of training and racing. Be true to yourself.

In less than 2 weeks I WILL BE RUNNING my own race at B & A Marathon. I will resist the urge to go with the pack that will likely shoot off the starting line. I will remember I am there to race no one but MYSELF. I will have patience and I will not get discouraged.

*I believe you

* Race recap from 2010 B & A Trail Marathon – CLICK HERE


Do you run your own race or get caught up racing others? Are you running B & A Trail Marathon or 1/2 Marathon? 


  1. I too have learned to run my own race. I am very good at it during half marathons, hopefully someday marathons too!

  2. I run my own race. I know that if I run someone else’s race then it will hurt me in the long run. My goal every race is to set a new PR and be proud of myself.

  3. Great advice, not getting sucked into the crowd the inevitably takes off to quick is a hard one. That’s when I’m staring at my Garmin and repeating “slow down” in my head. I plan on following that advice at New Orleans in a few weeks myself. :)

  4. I am her, she is me …. I love this and needed it today. Thank you xx

  5. I had not seen that Desi pic — thanks for sharing. Sooo good! And exactly what i need to remember in my next marathon. Thanks for the reminder :)

  6. Definitely spoke to me today – I’m not ‘running’ a race per se, but pregnancy often feels like a never ending marathon!

  7. I am running the B&A Trail Marathon too and we should be relatively close in time. Of course, each running our own races. 11 days to go!

  8. This post is awesome! I’ve tried and failed at the C25K program 3x now (blood clot during pregnancy, torn tendon, and then two broken bones) and I’m now 9wks pregnant and still working at completing this program. I don’t care how many times I have to restart this am determined to finish…

  9. I LOVE THIS POST! I really needed this today. GOOD LUCK in your race!!!

  10. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    A marathon is a walk in the park compared to pregnancy – infact I think 9 marathons in 9 months would even be easier! xoxo @ natalie:

  11. I run my own race generally. I try to use my watch to help me pace but if I have to vary it up I change it.

    Whats a B&A Trail marathon?

  12. love both of those pictures! && you are very right! a lot of people get caught up in the moment.. and totally blow it.

    for my first marathon, a gal i had met on twitter was starting in the same corral.. she was going for a BQ and offered for me to run with her. I had trained for a 3:45-4 hour finish. as AWESOME as it sounded, I knew i hadn’t trained for it & politely declined.

    i hit my goal, and i have never once regretted not running with her. she BQ’ed that day! :)

  13. I love this! The picture of Desi is one that will last in my mind. I just ran in a 10-mile race last Saturday and chased people down only to die later. It was the worst feeling. Thanks for your words of wisdom, they will be much needed when I run my first marathon in 11 weeks!

  14. Great Post!! It is soo true. That picture is Awesome! Great Inspiration!

  15. I am very good at running my own race! I am there to race only myself anyway (well, most of the time…sometimes I hav a chance at AG medals in shorter races in my area). This year I’m not really doing any races where I will have a chance at placing in my AG as shorter races this spring are still recovery runs from an injury and races in the fall are going to be long and I’ll be pushing myself to hit the distances!!

  16. I love that picture. It is so true and so easy to get caught up in the hype of race day. The reward comes in sticking to the plan. And getting to pass everyone in the last few miles. :-)

  17. That is the best, most inspirational picture ever! Thank you for sharing it.

  18. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to be as fast as someone else, I don’t run my own race. I forget what it’s all about and get caught up in trying to PR for every race, play catch up to that one girl who is faster than I am. It takes the fun out of running and racing. It’s something I have to work on because I know, running my own race will be so much more fun.

  19. I love this post! It’s so true! Since I live in Boston I wanted to get out and see the race but I got food poisoning at the expo the day before so I was in bed weak and sick but my boyfriend woke me up to see Desi. It was amazing and truly inspiring. You really do need to stick with your own plan. I’ve always done that as an athlete and when I deviate from that it never works in my favor!

  20. That is an awesome image showing exactly what we should each be doing in every race. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. I absolutely love this post!! There is soo much truth to it, and I always remember my college coach telling me to run my own race – no one elses!

  22. So timely, I’m running my first marathon in a year on 3/4 and my first since knee surgery in August. I will run my own race!

  23. Great post! LOVE the picture and so true! I usually do pretty good in running my own race, sometimes I wish I would push myself a little more. I might be too careful and go out too slow. Oh well, live and learn :)

  24. Hi Dorothy,

    Last time you ran B&A, you ran it in the A3 racing flats IIRC. Are you planning on doing that again, going with the Kinvara instead, or still haven’t decided? If you have decided, why did you choose what you did?



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