It’s March 5th and I can already tell you that 2012 has been my best year yet. I’m so thankful and blessed for so many reasons!

I am living in a dream world today.

It wasn’t easy. In fact I will say it was HARD. The hardest marathon of my life to date, but I didn’t give up when I wanted to. I pressed on and didn’t ease up. I ran and ran not so I could say I was #1 but so when I went home and my little people asked me if I won [they do this for every race] I could say to them YES. YES Mommy REALLY DID WIN. #1.


3:11:26 – First overall female


Thank you so much for all your emails, tweets, texts, blog messages and facebook messages. THEY REALLY HELPED. Race recap coming this week.


I want to leave you with this thought. Don’t listen to people who tell you a DREAM is TOO BIG. Only listen to those that encourage. You may find yourself in the situation where you are the only person who believes in the beauty of your dream. That is okay. Do not go where others go, lead don’t follow – set your own path in life and go after it with all that you have.

In 2004 I ran a 4:56 marathon – it wasn’t easy by any means. It was my slowest marathon to date and I could have hung up my running shoes. Instead of discouraging me – it inspired me. It inspired me to push and get the sub 4 hour marathon I had dreamed of. In 2005 I ran 3:59:52 barely getting in under my 4 hour dream. Now in 2012 I find myself dreaming of a sub 3 hour marathon. I know this dream seemed CRAZY when I said it when I was a 3:31 marathoner but the closer I get to that goal the less it seems crazy.

Promise me that you will always remember to DREAM BIG whether that means going for that job you never thought you would get, going back to school and getting your masters, starting a family, moving to a new state or going under 3 hours in the marathon.

If we don’t DREAM we miss out on AMAZING things that life has to offer.


I love my Chloe Raine


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  1. Chantal says:

    OMG!!! Congratulations, I’m so proud and so happy for you… YOU are the BEST!

    I will remember to dream BIG….

  2. RunnerKatie says:

    Just wanted to say congrats! What an inspiring story! I’m running my 1st marathon as a Mom in (less than!) two weeks, and I have enjoyed reading your blog all through my training.
    Job well done! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. RunnerKatie says:

    @ RunnerKatie:

    Oh, and I voted for you!

  4. This is amazing and totally not surprising because you worked for it and trained hard to achieve your dream. Keep going, keep working, and the sub-3 will be reality.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS. Congratulations, Dorothy. I knew you could do it. You are such an amazing inspiration. That sub 3 WILL happen someday. I thought of you when out for my first 18 miler which went OUTSTANDING. Congrats again and I most definitely will be voting :)

  6. Mollyberries says:

    I can NOT wait to read the entire recap. But this post made me tear up a little bit. You are SUCH an inspiration! Savor this victory, you have worked SO very hard for it! (PS I voted! :) if anyone deserves that award, it’s you!)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So proud of you and excited for what the rest of 2012 has in store for you. I loved the finish line shot- what a great moment for you.

  8. AHHHHHHH!!! Congrats again my friend. You are such an inspiration!! I can’t wait to read the full recap. And I’m so incredibly psyched for Boston. 2012 is your year!

  9. What a tremendous jump in times over the years, that is so inspiring! I’m hoping for 3:30 next time, and love your motto to dream big. I’ll head over to vote, too. :)

  10. CONGRATS! You are amazing!

    I could not agree with you more about DREAMING BIG! I ran my first marathon in the 5:20ish range and qualified for Boston last year with a 3:43. I’ll be at the start line of Boston in 6 short weeks! It’s a dream come true for me!

    I never stopped dreaming about BQing. People used to laugh when I told them I wanted to qualify. I didn’t care, I kept on working hard and dreaming big :)

  11. Congratulations, you are a great inspiration!

  12. AMAZING! You are such an inspiration to me! :-)

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is incredible! And you WON!!! Even more amazing. Can’t wait to read the full recap!

  14. You are amazing! Congratulations and thank you for the Monday morning encouragement!

  15. This post made me get teary-eyed like a total woman!

    What an inspiration you are. Many congrats!

  16. in·spire[in-spahyuhr] Show IPA verb, -spired, -spir·ing.
    verb (used with object)
    1. to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence: His courage inspired his followers.
    2. to animate, as an influence, feeling, thought, or the like, does: They were inspired by a belief in a better future.
    3. Dorothy B., Dorothy is the most inspiring runner and mother! I admire her so!

  17. Congratulations! So aspiring! Now maybe I’ll get off my rear end and go for a run!

    So happy for you!

  18. SO awesome, Dorothy! You did an amazing job. And nothing worth doing comes easy, right? All that hard work paid off for you.

    I have done B & A 1/2 many times and wish I had gone yesterday to see you win!

  19. WOW! Congrats lady!!! Bask in this glory as long as you can!!!!

  20. Way to go girl. You are a true inspiration.
    Keep living the dream.

  21. seejayess says:

    You dreamed it; you trained for it; you achieved it.
    You. Are. An. Inspiration.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

  22. AMAZING! That’s so great, Dorothy! I was waiting to see how it went and well, congratulations. Ride this high for a long time, mama!

  23. congratulations! I was thinking of you yesterday knowing that you would be awesome!

  24. Omg Dorothy! Congrats! You are without a doubt my biggest inspiration! You show hard work really does payoff. I know a sub-3 is in your future girl :)

  25. Ahhh that picture of you crossing the finish just made me cry at my desk. I’m sooooooooo happy for you & I love that you were able to tell your kids that you won. You’ll hit that sub-3 goal before you know it!

  26. Congrats Dorothy! I’m so proud and excited for you!! xo

  27. Congrats!!! Insanely proud of you!!! And love that you ran 3:ELEVEN! ELEVEN FOREVER! Looking forward to the recap! xo

  28. HOLY COW WOMAN!!!!!! WOWZERS!! nothing I can say could possibly live up to how you must feel. wowow.

  29. Congratulations! You are awesome!

  30. Yet another reason why I love your blog — this post could’ve (dare I say, should’ve?) been all about YOU! You trained hard, you raced hard, and YOU WON and PRd! True to form you made it about others — your readers — and turned it to inspiring us and our goals.

    Thank YOU!

  31. Congrats again! I saw you and cheered as you ran thru our water stop — one you pass twice, I think we were around miles 5 and 9?

    Anyway, that’s my dear friend (and race director) Donna giving you your award. I’m so happy for you!

  32. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Lauren – did you read the post about why B & A means so much to me? I’ll NEVER forget Donna [even though I don’t know her]. AND I remember you cheering for me!! It was so nice seeing a pretty smiling face – I was beyond miserable. xoxo

  33. Congrats! I can’t wait to read the whole recap! I missed my DREAM BIG half goal by 34 seconds yesterday! I look forward to tacking it again next running season!

    I voted for you too!

  34. Awesome job! It was obvious that you were primed and ready for this (physically and mentally), but its still so hard for everything to come together the right way in a marathon – you did it, and you should be feeling really great right now! Congratulations!!!

  35. You are amazing! Congratulations!

  36. @ Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal:
    I missed that one … amazing story. Donna’s probably the most generous person I’ve ever met. This race always sells out due to the strict limit (otherwise the trails couldn’t handle the volume), and there area always tons of people that drop the ball and beg her for entry. You got lucky that year :)

  37. You are awesome!

  38. Congratulations!!! You are a rockstar and so inspirational. WAY TO GO!!!

  39. You are amazing…. I never get tired of hearing about your achievements. You remind me to never use the word impossible. I have people around me right now saying that’s not possible and some who are snarky and have become distant with me. It hurts but I am reminded by you not to listen. You are wise beyond your years Ms. DT. I am moving back to California this summer and am sorry I never got to know you. I am acquainted with some in your circle/ neighborhood and am so inspired by all of you. A huge congratulations to you.

  40. Holy goodness!!! I was so sad because by time I went to sign up for the B&A Half it was already sold out! I thought of you yesterday. It’s really inspiring that you’ve been able to take your time from sub 5 hours to nearly sub 3 hours. You’re almost as fast as Lance Armstrong and he won some little bike race SEVEN times.

    You go girl!

  41. Congrats, you totally deserved such an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!!
    Truly inspiring.

  43. Congrats to you!!! I am so inspired by your progress!! DREAM BIG!!!

  44. OMGosh this whole entire blog post made my heart smile.
    right down to the picture at the end.


  45. Ahh!!! I’m so effing happy for you!!! I love your attitude, love love love how you mentioned where you started and where you are now. So proud of you!!! WTG! What a fantastic day. You earned this and now it’s time to celebrate!

  46. Congrats Dorothy, that’s awesome!

  47. Congratulations! You continue to inspire me! I cannot wait to read your recap!

  48. Congrats!! my first marathon was 4:55:11, I am hoping to one day get down under 4 hours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. How thrilling Dorothy! CONGRATULATIONS! You won a marathon–amazing!!

  50. Oh my gosh – you’re incredible. Congrats! You deserve it. 😀

  51. Wow!!! Incredible. Congrats!!! Can’t wait to read the recap

  52. Amazing!! Congratulations!!

  53. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

    You are so inspiring. I am a mom of 1 and hope to have more children some day. Seeing all of your progress keeps me inspired and reminds me that mo matter what goals I set I can keep chasing them and they are reachable. My first marathon made me hungrier for more too and now that I hit the bq goal, I am dreaming of a 3:15 next.

    Thank you for keeping us all inspired!!!!

  54. Congrats!

  55. This is just the coolest, Dorothy! Way to go!!!!

  56. Nothing crazy at all about that goal. I say if you can dream it, you can conquer it!

  57. Wow – so amazing!! Having just (finally) broken through that 4 hour marathon, I need to set a new goal. I love your encouragement to dream big – I’m thinking 3:45 is next on my “wish list”, I’ll just keep pushing the envelope a little more each race!

  58. Amazing, Dorothy – a PR AND a win! I really am inspired to “watch” you run; thank you for sharing your journey with us! 😀

  59. Way to go, Dorothy!!!! So proud of you! You did it!!

  60. CONGRATULATIONS Dorothy! That is an incredible accomplishment and phenomenal time – own this and cherish it

  61. Huge congrats my friend! I am so happy for you and proud of you!!! I hope you are celebrating. :)

  62. I thought about your quote “I run my body- not the other way around” during my last 10K of my marathon yesterday. Looking forward to reading your recap. I love your expression as you crossed the finish line. You look like you truly gave it your all. Great, great race!!

  63. WOW!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  64. Wow! Amazing race! This may just push me to really sign up for my first Marathon! Dream big or go home, right? Congrats!!!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Congrats…this is what dreams are made of!!!

  66. Soooo proud of you. That wind sounds brutal but you have the toughness of steel. You are so inspiring! Congrats!!!!

  67. You are awesome! You deserve every bit of this glory! That wind was brutal but you toughed it out. Congrats!!! And awesome finish photo.

  68. RebekahFo says:

    Voted! You inspire me so much. My sister and I love your blog and we dreamed big and PR’d in the half yesterday with a 1:34:08. Yay us! And yay you! For realz.

  69. Wow. WOw. WOW!!!!! You are so awesome! Congratulations on having the guts to dream big and the bigger guts to get it done. Can’t wait to read the recap!!!!

  70. Congrats on an amazing feat!!! You are a rock star ! I can’t wait to hear more about the race. Oh yeah , and first place to boot! Did you ever even imagine that you would be in this position after your first marathon ? Wow…

  71. congrats dorothy! so so so excited for you! knew you could do it! :) :)

  72. YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! you WON a marathon! its time for you to update that little blurb under your picture…you are now a 3:11 marathoner!! congrats girl!

  73. Congratulations, it must mean a lot to you!

  74. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    YAY – going to do that now!!!! :)

  75. Congratulations! I’m thankful for you and your willingness to blog about your experiences, your optimism, and your encouragement. 3:11 is BADASS! :)

  76. Congratulations! You are so amazing and inspiring. I’m so happy for you.

  77. Michelle says:

    CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! So amazing!!! Hard work totally pays off! You can do anything. How many people are actually friends with someone who won TWO marathons???? hehe

  78. Congratulations! Sounds like it was a pretty great day.

  79. Congratulations! This is amazing, great race! And you can totally run a sub 3:00 :)

  80. This was INCREDIBLY inspiring to read. I’ve been following along to your story on twitter but after hearing that you WON this marathon, I had to come read it for myself. How amazing are you?? AMEN to dreaming BIG!!

  81. Congratulations!! That is AMAZING! I love this post. Your story truly is inspirational. Love love your daughter’s drawing too.

  82. I agreed with TIFF @ LOVE SWEAT AND BEERS. Thank You!

  83. I could not agree more!! I am a big dreamer and encourage my children to be the same. I have been a diploma RN for 14 years and in May I will have my BSN, next is my Masters to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. All of this while juggling working full-time, being a mom of 2, wife, Stand Ambassador for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and runner. I dream big and never give up!! Love this post and congrats on your amazing time!! So inspirational!!

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