Meet Zaneta, the blogger behind Zaneta Runs. While reading her bio you might notice that she loves exclamation points – I think this shows just how much this girl loves to run! What do you think?

Name: Zaneta Brown

Age: 24


Twitter: @superwoman4002

How long have you been running: My whole life, but running, just to be running… About 2 years :)

Favorite race distance and why: The Half-Marathon. For some reason, it just seems like the perfect distance to me… I can get into a groove before the end, but it also takes some effort to stay in that groove… Definitely long enough to feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish!  I LOVE it!

How many marathons have you run: 2-half and 1-full

Where you started to where you are now:

5K: 26:56 (April 24, 2010)  —->  24:55 (April 30, 2011)

5 Mile: 43:03 (September 10, 2011)

1/2 Marathon: 2:13:06 (September 25, 2010)  —->  2:03:57 (May 7, 2011)

Marathon: 5:23:30 (October 16, 2011)

How did you get into running: I’ve been in sports basically my whole life and running was a part of all of them!  Fast forward to my 5th year in undergrad and I was out of basketball and softball eligibility and it was the most stressful time of my life… 20 credit hours of school (the most you were allowed to take without special permission, 12 was considered full time), working 2 part-time jobs, and working an internship.  I decided I needed to start exercising again and started running just for running… I signed up for my first 5k to keep myself focused and LOVED it!!  I’ve been running ever since… some months more than others, but I can say I’ll be running for a while!!  2012 brings my 3rd half marathon and my 2nd full marathon… and hopefully a 5k PR!!

What accomplishment are you most proud of: Running AND finishing my first ever Full Marathon (October 16, 2011) with my husband and parents cheering me on!  It wasn’t a perfect day and I was terribly sick and wanted to just quit at the half marathon mark, but I kept preservering and finished!!  It was emotional for me and having the people I love the most there to support me made it the best experience ever!


Favorite Quote: I know I’m weird… but I really don’t have a favorite quote…  I have “Isaiah 40:31” on my Road ID – “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Favorite Race: The capital city half marathon (may 7, 2011) because I just felt like I was gliding and I’m pretty sure I smiled the whole time!! I didn’t hit my sub-2 hour goal, but I was pretty close to it (2:03:57) for the lack of training I had done due to school and wedding planning!


  1. Thanks for posting my athlete bio Dorothy! Made me smile when I saw my name pop up on your facebook page this morning! :)
    and I do love to run!!!!! haha 😉

  2. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Glad it made you smile!!! :) :) I love reading about other runners and where they came from :)

  3. Great bio! My favorite distance is the half marathon too! :-)

    spot-lighted Z.

    Love her. I was supposed to run that Oct marathon with her. [insert HUGE sad face]

    Love you Z!!!

  5. @ Emz:
    Love you too EMZ!! :)
    We’ll run together one day! :)

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