Name: Victoria TenBroeck

Age: 29

Location: Savannah, GA


Twitter:  Victoria_Runs


Occupation: Sales

Years Running: Like for sure running…. 2 years. Dabbled with it 5 years ago but that ended when I threw my princess crown on the ground at a Disney race.

Why did you start running: The RnR Savannah was coming to town for its Inaugural year and Fleet Feet was promoting their training program for the full marathon. I signed up to run for a charity which trained with Fleet Feet. Yes. I ran a full marathon without running a sanctioned 10k or half. But let’s back up five years. I trained for a full marathon (Disney) and was ready for it. Somewhere around the land of Princes and Princesses my knee gave out. I was limping and my knee was swelling. I threw my crown on the ground. DNF. So I restarted running last year and fell in love with it. Not just ran to cross something off my bucket list. But ran to better my life, my health, and to have FUN!

Fun Fact about me: I have a really good Bullwinkle impersonation. Complete with finger ears!

Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon. I like to break it down into 5-up! 5-down! 5k!


Marathon 6:15

Half Marathon: 2:45

8K: 57:55

5K: 32:06

Do you cross train or lift weights: I love to go to spin class and to swim. I need to get back into weights. I used to be diligent my Junior/Senior year in high school, when I lost a bunch of weight the first go-around about it. My goal is to do a Half Ironman, so cross training will be key. Luckily, swimming is my best sport.

Running accomplishment you are most proud of:  I am most proud of bringing my 5 mile tempo run time significantly down. I attribute that to switching my mentality after the marathon from “run to eat” to “eat to run”. I can’t wait to watch my PRs get slashed!

Favorite Pre-Race Food:  One slice of bread and some peanut butter with about half a cup of coffee!

Favorite Piece of Running Apparel:  I am digging run skorts now, they are sexy but practical.

How do you find/make time to train: Mornings! I will have found every excuse in the book if I try to go at night. Making run dates with my running partner, Charlotte, helps!

Favorite Quote:  “You never stand as tall as when you bend down to help someone”


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