Name: Jenelle Glover

Age: 30

Location: Corning, NY

Occupation: Speech Pathologist

Years Running: 20 years, I started running in 7th grade on the cross-country team.

Why did you start running? When I was younger, I figured out pretty quick that I wasn’t the best at sports like soccer, softball, etc. I decided to try running cross-country in middle school and fell in love with it. I’ve been hooked ever since. Nowadays, I run because it’s my passion. I absolutely love running because it’s so incredibly rewarding. From the mental and physical health benefits, to the training, competition, and friends made. Running has taken me on so many great adventures. I feel strong and confident when I run.

Favorite Race Distance: I think the half marathon is a great distance to race. It requires the perfect balance of endurance, strength, and speed, with a relatively quick recovery time afterwards.

How many marathons/half marathons have you run: 3 Full Marathons, 5 Half Marathons

3k: 12:24 (Time to Sperr, Big Flats, NY)
5k: 20:30 (Pie & Glove, Corning, NY)
8k: 33:45 (Glassfest 8k, Corning, NY)
10k: 45:27 (Time to Sperr, Big Flats, NY)
Half Marathon: 1:36 (Red Baron, Corning, NY)
Full Marathon: 3:56 (Wineglass Marathon, Corning, NY)

Do you cross train or lift weights? After training and competing in a few triathlons, I quickly learned the benefits of cycling and swimming. I enjoy a good trainer workout during colder days and riding along with husband during his longer training runs on warmer days. For my strength training, I really enjoy the Les Mills Pump workout program (home version, since the gyms around me do not offer these classes). I also have strength goals that I love to track. One example being my push-ups goal for 2012, which is 8,000. I usually do about 25 push-ups a day. In addition, I enjoy a regular routine of planks and other core strengthening exercises.

Running accomplishment you are most proud of: One accomplishment that comes to mind was during a local 8k race. Prior to this race, I had always struggled with self-confidence. Rather than pushing myself in races, I would often back-off if I sensed competition was close, fearing I wasn’t good enough. In this particular race, I found myself with the top females for the first half of the race. With two miles to go, I suddenly took over as the leader of the group. Once I was in this position, I kept hearing everyone shout and cheer that I was top female. It felt amazing. I kept repeating to myself that I could do this and that I had worked hard for it! I knew I had a good chance of winning if I could stay confident and believe in myself. Running as hard as I could, I never looked back-I didn’t want to see how close my competition might be. I ended up winning top female, with the next female nearly 30 seconds behind me. I was so proud of myself for finding how strong and confident I could be!

Favorite Pre-Race Food: The morning of a race, I usually enjoy some green tea, a Clif Kids Z-Bar, and a banana. I keep it simple because that keeps the stomach happy. My husband and I also have a tradition to eat a Pop-Tart the night before a race-something he always did as a Division I cross-country and track runner. He’s a GOOD runner, so I trust his advice, even if it does involve eating a sugar-loaded breakfast item before bed!

Favorite Post-Race Food: I tend to go for any type of fruit and chocolate milk!

How do you find/make time to train: Training is a part of my daily routine. Whether it’s a run, bike, weights or even a rest day, I try to plan ahead the type of workout I want to do each day. I often think of it as the “other job” that I LOVE and have to go do. I don’t like to miss a planned workout. Fortunately, my husband is also a runner, so we support each other’s workouts and understand if the other has to go out for that 2-3 hour long run.

Favorite Quote/Verse: “For when I am weak, then I am strong” 2 Corinthians 12:10

My claim to almost fame: I ran in some of the same cross-country races as Molly Huddle in high school-she’s from the city next to my hometown.

Favorite Color: Green

Random Running Related Fact: I obsessively take epsom salt and ice baths (not at the same time) and I wear compression to bed almost every night.

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  1. Dorothy! Thank you so much. This turned out perfect :)

  2. love love Jenelle!!! thanks for posting, it was fun to learn more about her :)

  3. I love the story of the 8km! That must have been a huge confidence boost.

  4. Loved the Pop-tart tip and the 8K race story!

  5. Great feature! Love the pop tarts the night before a race!

  6. Thanks Dorothy for featuring another of my favorite runners! Interesting about the PopTarts!

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