Meet Holly, the blogger behind Fashionable Miles. Holly didn’t let the fact that she wasn’t really a runner stop her from signing up for a marathon. She signed up and became one. She is the perfect example of someone who dreamed of a goal and went after it!

Name: Holly Batchelder

Age: 37

Location: Houston, TX

Twitter Name: @fashionablemile

Blog Name:

How long have you been running: consistently, since 2007, but my first marathon was in 2001

Favorite race distance and why: My heart belongs to ½ marathons!  For me, it feels like a distance where I know I’ve pushed myself, but the recovery is so much quicker than a marathon.

How many marathons have you run: 5

Where you started to where you are now: I signed up for my first marathon before I could run a mile.  I’m social, it was for a good cause, I fancied myself athletic.  I had never even run a race.  Now, I’ve done countless 5Ks and 10Ks and taken over 1:10:00 off my marathon time (yes, 1 HOUR and 10 minutes).  I’ve also done several triathlons including a 70.3 in November of 2009.  My sights are set on the elusive BQ which I hope will happen this year!

Current PRs:

  •             5K: 22:30
  •             10K: 50:09
  •             ½ Marathon: 1:43:26
  •             30K: 2:32:45
  •             Marathon: 3:54:23

How did you get into running?  I dabbled in JV sports in high school but wasn’t very serious about running until after college.  I started running for the social aspect and then fell in love with the sport.  We lived on the MS Gulf Coast for a while and running along the beach at sunrise or sunset was so therapeutic to me.  After moving back to Houston, it became a way to get back into shape for both my husband and I—yes, we run together and it’s AMAZING (no phones, no computers, no iPads/Kindles- just us)!!

What accomplishment are you most proud of: Finally learning to listen to my body even when I don’t like what it’s telling me.  I’m not a quitter and don’t like to leave things undone, but accepting my body’s limits on January 15th and knowing a DNF was better than possible permanent injury was a mature decision I didn’t think my competitive nature would let me make.  Live to run another day.

How do you make time to run:  Early to bed, Early to rise.  I’m  a morning runner.  I find that my afternoons/evenings are much harder to control (work, social events, etc) make running after work harder to do.  I’m one of those people who once the alarm goes off, I’m awake so if I can just get the alarm set at night, I’ll make it out the door in the morning.  The fact that both my husband and I run is also very helpful.  We definitely motivate each other.

Favorite Quote:
2 Consider it pure joy,…,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.  James 1:2-4, NIV

Has blogging helped you improve as a runner? YES. The community accountability from blogging has helped me stick to my training plan and want to see results so I can share them with fellow bloggers.  It’s also helped to read several posts on not letting your Garmin dictate your ability which really helped me get over a mental block I had concerning what I thought I could and couldn’t run pace wise.  I’ve been consistently a minute per mile faster since that break-through.


  1. Yay! Love Holly!! Great profile!

  2. Melissa (@StatOfLims) says:

    A fellow Houstonian runner! Thanks for doing this athlete bio! I look forward to reading her blog!

  3. oh i love that she is from houston! wish i could have come across her when i lived there! could have used more runner friends. i found the running scene to be a little small… or maybe i just wasn’t looking hard enough?

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