Name: Elyse Braner 

Age: 27

Run affiliations:  Manager of Endurance Sports at the Greater Washington Sports Alliance, Fun Run Guru at Pacers Logan Circle, Run Ambassador at lululemon Logan Circle, and Volunteer at Girls on the Run DC

Favorite race distance:  In high school and college I ran track and cross country.  The 800m and the 1500m were my specialities.  I think my talent lies in middle distances, but I love training and racing the marathon.  I love having a long term training plan and working towards one big day.  I love the spirit, excitement, and competition that surrounds race day.  I love going to the expo, picking-up my number, and seeing many familiar faces along the way.  My favorite day is race day, so it does not matter what distances I am running, as long as it is race day, it will be a great day

Favorite pre-race food: Anything Bland

Favorite post-race food: Brunch anywhere!

When did you start running: I started running my freshman year of High School.  The track coach asked me to try out for the team and I was terrified.  I had never done any type of team sport.  I decided to give it a try, and could not even complete one lap around the track during the first day of practice, but instantly fell in love with the sport.  By the end of the first week I could jog 15 minutes.  With a little bit of patience and a lot of hard work, I quickly improved, made amazing friends, and found out that I loved both the competitive side and social side of the sport.  I went on to run both cross country and track in college and can honestly say that running and being part of a team changed my life.

Marathons Completed:  I have run 3 Marine Corp Marathons, 3 Philadelphia Marathons, and two Boston Marathons.

Run Loves:  I love organizing run clubs.  I organize a weekly run club for lululemon, and two weekly runs for Pacers.  I am constantly inspired by the runners and the community that run groups can build around them.  My running used to be a lot more about times and place, but I love focusing on other people, and helping them improve, and providing the resources, tools, and support groups to help them meet their goals.  I believe that the run groups allow these things to happen.  I love each and every runner that comes out to run with me.  I think that the social aspect of running is really important.  I call them my “Run Loves.”  I also live for organizing teams for relays.  Look out for the “Run Loves” team at the Napa Valley Ragnar Relay in September.

Career:  I am so fortunate to work in the running industry.  My position as Manager of Endurance Sports at the Greater Washington Sports Alliance has allowed me to learn about the inner workings of a marathon.  I feel blessed to go to work every day and work on events that I am passionate about, go home from work and then meet-up with amazing and inspiring runners from my run clubs, lead a group run, and then teach a post-run abs class.  Running is truly my life!!

Fun fact about yourself: I always run in pearls and I had my own Avon business in middle school.

My philosophy on running:  There is only one thing more important than running… the amazing and inspiring community that surrounds it.

Running accomplishment you are most proud of: There are runs and races that I am proud of, but I think my biggest accomplishment in the running world has been growing and creating run communities in which others can flourish and achieve their goals.

Favorite Quote: “Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent.”  -Joan Benoit Samuleson

Come run with Elyse:
Tuesdays:  Pacers Logan Circle, 7 pm, followed by abs class and Happy Hour at Stoneys
Thursdays:  Pacers Logan Circle, 7 pm, followed by abs class and Happy Hour at Churchkey

Upcoming races Elyse works on: 2nd Annual Great Pumpkin 5K – Reston, VA & Dominion Trail Mix 


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