Meet Audrey – a speedy mom to four, yes four kids! When I first met her [at the pool] I couldn’t believe she even had one baby let alone four. On top of being a mom to 4 kids she still MAKES the time to run, often pushing two kids while the other two ride their bikes along side. I call that dedication!

Name:   Audrey Peters

Age:   32

Location:  South Riding, VA

How long have you been running:  12 years altogether, but racing more frequently for the last 2 years.

How do you make time to run with 4 kids:  I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom with a husband who has a flexible work schedule.  This really helps because my runs can vary depending on the day.  During the school year I like to wake up early so I can run before my kids get up.  In the Summer, I often run later in the morning and take all four kids with me.  It may sound crazy, but it actually works pretty well for us.  I push my 2 and 4 year olds in the double jogging stroller while my 6 and 7 year olds ride their bikes.  We’ve been able to run up to 10 miles this way.  Fortunately, I have kids who LOVE being outdoors, so they actually look forward to our runs.  As a last resort, I can always just jump on my treadmill.  I feel very fortunate that I have several options when it comes to running, so I really don’t have an excuse NOT to run.

Favorite Race Distance and why:  I love the half marathon.  I really enjoy the training process, and find that the recovery period is very manageable for my body.

How many marathons have you run:  1

Where you started to where you are now:  

5k:  32:57 in 2001 – Current PR 21:40

10k:  1:01:47 in 2010 – Current PR 47:33

½ Marathon:  2:15:49 in 2010 – Current PR 1:50:47

20 Mile:  2:54:19

Marathon:  3:58:42

What is your favorite running shoe:  Definitely the Saucony ProGrid Ride 3. I love them!

How did you get into running?  I played soccer in college and always had an interest in staying healthy and active. I dreaded our long team runs, but then grew to really appreciate the workouts.  I took time off from running during each of my pregnancies, but ran in between pregnancies as a way to get back into shape.  After my third pregnancy, I signed up for my first triathlon so I could train with my husband who also runs and does triathlons.  After my fourth pregnancy, I really fell back in love with running and how it made me feel.  I then decided to join my local running club, which gave me the motivation to start racing again.  Being able to run with such a supportive group of people has definitely strengthened my passion for the sport.

What accomplishment are you most proud of:  So far, definitely running the Marine Corps Marathon 2011. This was my first marathon and I worked very hard to prepare for that day. The feeling I had as I crossed that finish line in under 4 hours was amazing.

Favorite Quote:  “Pain is temporary, pride is forever”.  I saw this written on a sign during my first half marathon in Virginia Beach, and for some reason it always stayed in my mind.  I often think about it while racing.


  1. Audrey is an inspiration and a genuinely kind person! Thank you for sharing her story!

  2. Wahoo! Great feature!! 😀 Keep running, Audrey!!!

  3. Hey!! I am an Audrey with 4 kids, too!! Nowhere near as fast, but I am new to running…so maybe one day.

    Thank you for sharing all of this. Maybe it’s like reading my future diary? :)

  4. yay Audrey! A great runner, mother and friend!

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