This awesome runner ran 3 marathons back to back last spring and is proof positive that for some runners it just WORKS!

Name: Amy Schneider

Age: 33

Location: Denver, CO

Years Running: 12

Team: Runners Roost

Twitter: @5280RunnerGal

Favorite race distance: Marathon

5K: N/A – Never run one! Will definitely be trying this distance later this year.
4 Miler: 27:03
8K: N/A
10K: 39:32
10 Miler: 1:05:18
Half Marathon: 1:27:12
Marathon: 3:08:48

Do you cross train or lift weights: Yes! 3 times per week

How do you find/make time to train: I get up at 4:30am! I don’t have children, so my I have a lot more flexibility with my team. Although between me and my boyfriend, we have 4 dogs – that equals one child, right? Seriously, running is my top priority, so I will do whatever I need to do to make sure I get my workouts in.

Favorite place to run: When I’m not training for a road marathon, you can’t beat the trails in the Colorado Rockies! Luckily, Denver has so many great options for runners from parks, to urban trails. I love the Highline Canal and City Park.

Most unique/memorable race: My most memorable race was the 2008 Pikes Peak Ascent. It was raining before the start and snowing at the finish – in August! We experience some of the scariest, most dangerous running conditions I’ve ever seen – lightning, 30 mph winds blowing sideways, carrying grapple and ice (I honestly thought my legs were bleeding because the ice shards hurt so bad when they hit you. They had to turn at least half of the runners around at mile 10 because the weather conditions were too dangerous. Those folks had to run back down the mountain because there is no other option for getting back down! I was able to finish the race and was so proud to have finished as it was w/out question, the most challenging race I’ve run to date. There were over 100 cases of hypothermia at the top and I don’t think I stopped shaking from the cold for until 2 hours after.

Favorite pre-race meal: Oatmeal and a banana

Favorite post-race food: Sushi

Favorite quote: “Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’, the answer is usually: ‘Yes’” – Paul Tergat

Best running advice:
Training: Take the good with the bad. Some runs will feel horrible and some will feel like you can run forever. The bad ones are the ones that will make you stronger.

Racing: Run smart. Don’t go out too fast. Don’t let your legs take over your head – remember and stick to your strategy.

Running accomplishment I’m most proud of: Running 3 marathons, 3 weeks apart last spring – Boston, Colfax (PR and 2nd place female), Steamboat (1st place female)


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    Love these bios…keep them coming!!!!

  2. Awesome profile. I also love oatmeal. It's has been my trusted choice for marathon morning forever.

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