Name: Adam Condit

Adam Condit 2

Age: 29

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Running Blog:

Running Homepage:

Twitter: @adamcondit

Occupation: Systems Engineer

Years Running: 16 years

Why did you start running:  I started running in middle school to be in a sport my friends were in. At the time bike racing and soccer were my sports of choice, but soccer wasn’t offered in middle school and I was a loner when it came to riding the bike. I remember being incredibly sore after my first run in 8th grade – had to walk down the stairs backwards the next day. I really have no idea why I ended up going on that second run, but I did and have never regretted it.

Favorite Race Distance: Wow, this is tough actually as each race feels really different.  As far as the RACE itself, I really enjoy racing 5k – it’s intense, it’s fun, it’s quick, it hurts, and it’s short enough to race week in and week out if you really want to.  I’d say I enjoy marathon TRAINING more than other distances though as it’s truly a journey of self discovery and I feel I’m still a bit of a newbie and like the long term perspective and patience required to get things right.  It feels unbelievable clicking through longer tempo runs faster than I used to be able to race 5k races and I’m constantly learning more and more about nutrition, fueling, and all the other variables that’s associated with good marathon training.

How Many Marathons Have you Run: 6 full marathons: 2008 Philadelphia, 2009 Philadelphia, 2010 Marine Corps, 2011 Twin Cities, 2011 Marine Corps, 2012 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon


  • Marathon 2:27:20 (Twin Cities 2011)
  • Half Marathon: 1:09:45 (Cedar Falls, IA)
  • 10K: 30:55 (Naperville, IL 2012)
  • 5K: 14:55 (La Crosse, WI 2011)

Do you cross train or lift weights: No. The most bang for my buck with a packed schedule and a balanced family life is spent running and getting the miles in.

Running accomplishment you are most proud of: After a marathon debut 2:28:37 in 2008 I had trouble having the marathon click for me in the following years until I ran two marathons in the month of October in 2011: I finally ran another PR (2:27:20 – Twin Cities) and 28 days later placed 5th at Marine Corps Marathon (2:29:28) – both fairly honest and challenging courses.

Favorite Pre-Race Food:  Bananas and bagels with peanut butter for marathon race day

Favorite Post-Race Food: Gatorade, Coke, bagels, giant slices of pizza, Five Guys burgers, quality beer … sorry, just being honest

How do you find/make time to train: 90% of my training is alone in the morning before the sun is up.  I’m a morning person and love getting it done before the rest of the day starts and it’s really the only alone time I have.  When the weather is right, sometimes I’ll push my son in our running stroller – I get a lot of weird looks clicking off ~6:20/mile on our dirt trail, but my son LOVES the ride and sometimes giggles the whole time.  I’ve also been known to run to and from work once in a while when building good mileage in the summer and winter.  I keep a pair of shoes at work and shove all my work clothes in the tiniest backpack known to mankind – an old REI hydration pack without the reservoir. Sometimes I’ll rush my lunch break at work to get out and take a way-too-short non-effective non-soapy shower. 

Favorite Quote: “There are over 1 billion people in China that have no idea who you are or care about how you run” – NCAA / USATF coach Tom Anzack (used to put a poor performance in perspective)

If you could give one bit of advice to someone who wants to become a runner – what would it be:  Short answer:  Don’t force it … feel it.  Long answer:  Running is what you make of it.  Nobody except yourself should tell you what you should get out of running.  It doesn’t matter if you want to run in the Olympics, feel better about yourself, complete what you thought was previously insane, or simply just be more fit – it’s up to you to figure out what you want and go after it.  You’re going to have days  that you want to run forever and you’re going to have days you feel absolutely terrible, but overall, in the big picture of your physical, mental, and spiritual well being, running is great for you.  Don’t let running define you; let yourself define your running and how it best fits the lifestyle you want.  When starting out be very practical and conservative in those first seasons of fitness as you start to learn your body and what makes you happy when running.

What race are you currently training for?  I’m currently extending my marathon training from the Summer / Fall past my peak marathon race (Milwaukee Lakefront in October) to run my first ultra marathon on November 11th – Wildcat 50km trail run in Muscatine, IA.  I’ll be taking a low key approach to have fun, stay fit, and run through the woods for a few hours before taking off a lot more time when our 2nd baby is due in December.

What is your favorite race? The Marine Corps Marathon is an unbelievable event through the streets of DC with thousands of participants and spectators.  Before the 2011 event started I was in the front of the corral when the wheel chair participants started their race.  So many war veterans, young and old, still grinding away – giving it their all, despite the permanent injuries they now have was incredibly moving to me and a great reminder that nothing is certain and sacrifice in sport pales in comparison to true sacrifice elsewhere.

Adam Condit 1

What’s the best thing that has ever come from your running? Without a doubt meeting my wife and the friendships I’ve acquired.  My wife and I both ran XC and Track and met in college and I was really good friends with her brother (also my best man), also on the team.  Our shared passion has helped us be active on vacations, travel for out of town races together, and take turns watching our kids when the other might be out for a long run!

Adam Condit 3

What has Adam been up to lately? A solo Grand Canyon double crossing in April. Check out his blog post with video here >>


  1. Great post! I love reading about such accomplished runners!

  2. Thanks Debbie! He is a great runner :)

  3. Thanks Debbie! I like sharing with the running community but also love learning / feeding off everybody else as well. Learning about others with full time jobs and families … still getting out the door for something they love.

    And thanks again Dorothy – love the blog…


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