I love a good contest! Winning ‘free’ stuff is one of my all time favorite things. Some say this makes me cheap – I say it makes me up for a good non running challenge every now and then.

My love of contests started when I actually won one. I didn’t usually enter things because I thought they were scams and that no one ever won. I’m a true cynic. I was reading an email newsletter I get from The Bump when I saw this Nelle & Lizzy ring that I had to have!! The contest was this “Do you have an interesting or unique story behind the name you chose for baby? Tell us about it!” Scroll down to entry number 10 on this page and you can see my winning entry!!!

My recent favorite contest is the Saucony We Know Because We Run Contest. The winning entry gets $1,000 worth of Saucony gear. Who couldn’t use new running stuff?!?! The contest ends on June 15th – so quick – enter now!!

On another but similar note Army Ten Miler is letting you vote on this year’s t-shirt design. I’m sick of t-shirts I won’t wear because the graphic on the front is ugly so you can bet your bottom dollar that I voted on this one. I personally think #1 is the best! If you want to vote – Click Here. Also who is running ATM?!?!?! I always end up forgetting who is running and then don’t meet up with anyone at the start so this year I want to pick a spot and make sure EVERYONE meets up!!!


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