A cupcake[or 2] does the body[and soul] good!

Happy April 11th!

Today is my birthday, one of my favorite days of the year!!

That being said I can’t really remember a birthday I didn’t cry on. Sometimes it was obvious to others, other times I just did a quick little cry alone and was done with it. I’m not even sure why I was upset or what really was upsetting me but I just felt an overwhelming urge to cry. Maybe you can relate?

Today is the first birthday ever that I feel a sense of peace and I just know that I won’t be doing any crying today. No joke – I’m happy. Happy with just about everything in my life. Sure I have struggles, ups and downs, and yes there are some days where I literally want to just put on my running shoes and run away alone for a couple of days, but overall my life is pretty fantastic.

What I realized today when I went to wake up Miles and found him covered and sleeping in his own throw up, is that life is what you make of it. Cliche but true. Instead of getting upset and feeling sorry for myself that my son was sick on my birthday, which meant my plans went out the window, I thought to myself – wow I am lucky. A sick kid in bed means that I have a kid. It means that I am his mommy and he is my son and instead of thinking arg – I have to clean up throw up – I thought about how great it was that this little person relies on me and that I am the person who is there for him when he has a stomach bug. It’s all in how you look at it.

After we dropped Chloe off at school we headed to a park to get some fresh air. While there Miles learned a valuable life lesson. When there is no bathroom in site, you have nature. He was a little freaked and didn’t understand the concept, but once he got it – it was hilarious. Miles learned to pee in the woods like a big boy on my 29th birthday! It’s the little things in life that make me happy now.

Doing laundry with mommy!

On the car ride home he fell asleep. What a blessing. Miles who will be 3 in 2 weeks has not taken naps in FOREVER. This gave me some wonderful one on one time with my snugly man Colton. After lots of mommy kisses and tummy raspberries followed by baby giggles [best.sound.ever] Colton fell asleep. I’m pretty sure I don’t remember a time EVER where they both have napped at the same time. It’s a birthday MIRACLE!

On this 1st day of my 29th year I’m reflecting in my mind on everything that has happened in the past 28 years and wondering what life has in store for me this year. It’s making me smile.

May this year bring you happiness. May you take the time to look at the bright side of things and find the positive in any situation.


  1. happy birthday, gorgeous girl! love the cupcakes!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. SupermomE12 says:

    Happy happy day to you. I am so glad you are feeling so good today and I hope you feel special and happy ALL day!!! :) Hugs!

  4. Meredith says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I just celebrated mine on Friday and I did cry. However, they were tears of thankfulness and just being overwhelmed at God's love for me. Have a blessed day!

  5. runaroundmyblog says:

    Happy Birthday, Dorothy. You have so much to be smiling about this year. Three beautiful babies & family, RUNNING STRONG, Boston coming up — I hope you have an amazing DAY!

  6. Gracie (Complicated Day) says:

    Happy birthday!

  7. runthelongroad.com says:

    Have a great birthday and enjoy those cupcakes!

  8. Happy Birthday

  9. Caroline says:

    Happy birthday!
    Joyeux Anniversaire!

  10. happy birthday. sorry about the puke but man, you handled it like a champ. great outlook!! enjoy your day!

  11. Happy birthday Dorothy! I love this post and your outlook on life. You are such an amazing role model :)

  12. Happy birthday!!

  13. Happy birthday!! You are blessed! I Hope you have a great year!! :)

  14. happy birthday!!!!

  15. Happy belated birthday!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday!

  17. You are an AMAZING runner, mother, and women – I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  18. Thomas Farrell says:

    Happy Birthday. Great post. Love the positivity

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