Day 2 of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on was MUCH easier than day 1. I’m not feeling sorry for myself anymore. Today it seems fun to really know what it feels like to feel good from the inside out. My energy levels are up. I took day two off and didn’t workout in any form – I figure my body is doing enough work repairing itself right now.

I still wanted coffee but I actually felt like I felt better and had less mood swings not having caffeine.

Day 2 Food:

  • Dried Peaches
  • Peach Jelly {natural]
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Basmati Brown Rice
  • Rice Cakes

Though there wasn’t very much variety I still consumed enough calories for the day. I find myself craving healthy fats. Before the allergy test I was eating nuts every single day in either nut butter form or as nuts on my salads. I need more protein so once I get a chance I will be cooking some chicken and keeping it in the fridge to add to my rice and peach jelly mix {sounds gross tastes delicious}.


Oh almonds – I will miss you

Today is day 3 and I can already tell I feel better – my stomach is flatter – I can see the definition coming back and I’m down 1.5 pounds over yesterday. It seems crazy that it’s even possibly to notice this much of a difference so quickly, but I have. I don’t believe the weight loss is from anything other than my body riding itself of water. You don’t magically lose 1.5 pounds of fat over the course of 1 day. I won’t be upset if the scale goes up tomorrow, since I know I’m in a state of flux. I won’t however lie and say I wasn’t happy this morning {day 3} to see a lower number.

I have been drinking warmed water to replace when I would normally be drinking a hot coffee. It’s obviously not the same but it does make me feel better sitting by the fire with a warm drink.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not struggling to drink enough water as I have in the past. I was drinking so much coffee before that I found it hard to drink water throughout the day – no coffee means I’m actually thirsty for water. I feel hydrated for once.

I recently read Cameron Diaz’s book – The Body Book – and I have taken one of her suggestions of keeping a cup by your sink and immediately after you wake up going and drinking the an entire cup. It seems like a small change that wouldn’t help that much but it’s really working to make me feel better. {yes I’ve said FEEL BETTER about 304928 times already in this post BUT I FEEL BETTER!} I don’t feel as ravenous when I wake up and I think this is due to the hydration situation.

I haven’t had any bathroom “issues” in the past 3 days which is a serious miracle in my life.

Yesterday at my ENT’s office I got my weekly allergy shots. Two shots in one arm and one in the other. I had mentioned on numerous occasions that by the end of the night after my shots my arms are swollen, very red, and that where the shots were, are hard and warm to the touch. They assured me that it was no big deal and that I’m probably not having a reaction. I told them I also felt worse the day after my shots than I do any other day. The nurse who does my shots said that was unrelated to the shots.

After I have my shots I have to sit in the doctors office for 30 minutes to make sure I don’t have a bad reaction. Before I leave they look at my arms. Yesterday my reaction was not unlike any of the other reactions I’ve had to the shots only instead of it taking hours it happened within 15 minutes. By 30 minutes my arm was swollen and the insertion point for my shot had swollen larger than a quarter. I was lucky that it was my ENT doctor who did my shot yesterday – so he immediately took me back – gave me an antihistamine – put hydrocortisone on my arms and asked me questions about my reactions. I told him that this was NOT unusual but that it usually takes a little longer for my body to react that bad.

He decided he has to back me down in the allergen level. He said that I am lucky I have not had a systemic reaction to my shots. I clearly can not handle this level of allergens right now. The shot that affected me the most was trees/grasses – which he noted was strange since those are not in season now, my dust mite allergy is the one that is in full effect. When I go back next week for my shots he wants to do my shots again and monitor me, rather than having the nurse do it.

It shook me up a little and served as a good reminder that I need to keep my epi pens in my purse. I’m no joking around or exaggerating my allergies – they are very real and I need to be more careful.

I am not criticizing the nurse or my ENT office because they have been very helpful and I like them. I happen to think that maybe the reason doctors don’t listen to patients as often as they should is because they deal with a lot of uninformed people who probably like to complain. When I told them I was reacting – I was not in any way exaggerating what was happening to my arms or how it felt. Now I know I was right – it wasn’t normal and I’m lucky nothing worse happened to me. Remember YOU know your body best and YOU are the best advocate for your health. If something doesn’t seem right and someone dismisses it – don’t give up – pursue it till you get answer.

My arms are very sore today. I tried to run on the treadmill but they literally ached, so after 3 miles I got off and headed to the gym with my family to do 55 minutes of spin class. I am reminding myself repeatedly I have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful I have a gym and that I am not being a crazy person about training for Boston Marathon. I will get in the miles I can and know in my heart I’m doing the best I can with what I have right now. I am thankful for really great insurance through Eric that has zero co-pay every week on the shots {I could be paying $20 a week just for the shots}. I’m also thankful that even though my kids aren’t always the best behaved at the doctor’s office, that they keep coming with me. I don’t enjoy sitting there so I’m sure it’s even less fun for them.

Some of you asked what the books were Katie recommended. Both of them are fantastic though they have conflicting ideas. I think it’s best on your journey to health to read as many different books as you can and determine what works for you. Nutrition is not one size fits all.

After reading It Starts With Food last year my husband and I both did Whole 30. He had a remarkable weight loss and I would venture to say that it transformed his way of thinking and eating for the rest of his life. He had to buy all new clothes and has a new baseline for what he believes is a healthy weight for him. I didn’t lose very much weight doing it which I had expected. I was already eating very healthy so other than ditching grains and sugar there wasn’t much of a change for me. I will say that I lost inches all over my body and felt GOOD but not GREAT. I can now contribute this to the fact that I was eating nuts and eggs like it was my job and I’m allergic to both of them.

Here are also a couple other books that I have read and really enjoyed/learned from:

Two of these books focus on weight – weight can often, but not always, be a symptom of what you are putting in to your body – I’m not recommending these books for weight loss – I’m recommending these books so you can learn about your body and how what we put in our bodies affect us. There are some of us who can eat completely healthy and still have weight issues – some of that may in part be due to allergies, intolerances, or hormonal issues. Knowledge is power.

Your health is a journey – just like running it’s not a destination – it’s something that lasts your whole life. I fully believe we only get this one body and if we want to achieve our DREAMS it all starts with how we treat our body.


My final thoughts for the day: I have dealt with digestive issues for as long as I can remember. I knew certain foods were bothering me and I kept eating them anyways. My mind set is changing. I love food – don’t get me wrong – but I don’t love cupcakes enough to feel like SH*T for the rest of my life. It’s about priorities and feeling good is one of mine. If it means I can’t eat anything I want – well I’m okay with that now. I’m not missing out on things by not eating certain foods. I’m missing out on life when I eat those foods and they make me feel terrible and then I sit home in a depressed heap. We all have choices and this is mine now.



  1. Thank you again Dorothy. I love reading your story, it’s helping me strive to eat better for myself and my family! Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in oct 2012 and recently had another flare up in December. I went back to a strict paleo diet and on day 3 of the diet my symptoms subsided and have been mild ever since. I am still on meds but I 100% agree that food does affect you internally. I found that gluten and grains affect me the most. I think many people believe that why they are feeling bad has nothing to do with what they are putting in their body and don’t realize that it has everything to do with what you are putting in your body. Since being paleo I feel 100% better physically . My quality of life has improved tremendously and I truly believe changing the way I eat is the main factor.

  3. Delicious!! :) I don’t really focus as much on clean eating as I should… Most of the time I just eat what sounds good!

  4. You have so hit the nail on the head with this attitude:

    I’m not missing out on things by not eating certain foods. I’m missing out on life when I eat those foods and they make me feel terrible and then I sit home in a depressed heap.

    I love how you’re trying to see the positive….(sometimes people think it just “comes naturally” but I find it’s work, worthwhile but work)

    Glad you’re feeling better and better! (definitely adding some protein will help….) The weight loss is very likely water due to significantly reduced carb/sodium intake, but I think no grain makes it easier anyway.

    The allergy shot thing must have been scary. I almost started the shots for cats at one point as my allergy is very severe (& my DH had cats when I met him) – I’m allergic to dust mites as well. I keep thinking from reading you that I should get retested. Whether I get to it or not, thanks for the reminder prompt. :)

  5. Glad you are finding something that is working for you and that you are feeling better! I am going to have to read some of the books that you suggested :)

  6. Oh I hate allergy shots. Between getting sick and my marathon, its been almost a month since my last set. I started them last summer again after 2 years. The first few times they tried them on me I went into anaphylaxis. Definitely listen to your body and what it is telling you.

    Good luck with all of this!

  7. elizabeth says:

    What is “natural” peach jelly, is it a brand or something you make yourself?

  8. I hope you are finding some solace and things that are working. As I have been reading your posts I feel like I have been reading about myself. I haven’t had the severe weight fluctuations but much of the rest is so similar. I also thought that I have IBS and the only thing I have ever noticed that helped in the slight was a sugar detox. That however, is very hard to keep up. I would love to know some more about what led you to where you are now. Did your doctor decided to do an allergy test to see what you might be allergic to? I hope that you find what works and you can get back to feeling 100%.

  9. Glad you’re feeling better and optimistic about your allergy elimination diet!
    Thanks for sharing those books, I’m definitely going to look into a couple of them. I’m slowly making changes to my diet and trying to eat healthier, but I really want to understand what I’m putting into my body.
    I hope the rest of your diet continues to go well :)

  10. Dorothy, I am so enjoying reading about your journey through this. I can only imagine how hard it must be but I’m so glad you have answers. I’ve recently cut back on gluten – I don’t have an allergy but I do think it is affecting my health negatively. The days where I do not eat gluten – I feel great and am at a normal weight. Days I eat gluten, even just a little, I will feel bad and easily be up in weight several pounds, even if I have barely eaten. I love that you said cupcakes aren’t worth feeling terrible – you are so right! Here’s hoping you start feeling amazing again!

  11. It is so interesting to read your story. Thanks for sharing. I have really never felt like I have any allergies, but I’m curious to try something like an allergy elimination diet because I am probably sensitive to something. Really, everyone is probably sensitive/allergic to something. It is funny, too, that in the course of a day you can feel so, SO different. It’s amazing how, when you give yourself a chance to heal and eat less “toxic” foods, the body can sort of relax. I might totally be making this up, but it seems like the “bloat” we sometimes feel is just the body’s reaction to common allergenic foods. When we take those out, the water just disappears. Might just be my experience?

  12. Reading about your journey does make me wonder if I have certain food allergies that have gone in diagnosed, as I have had digestive problems in the past, too…usually when I’m eating healthier, than when I’m not.

  13. seeing you and jess get answers has me wanting to do the same. I’ve eaten what I wanted (for years now) and often feel like you. I gained 5lbs from Friday morning to Saturday morning. THAT is not normal. I tend to have stomach issues as well. I’ve had allergies my entire life and first had shots when I moved to atlanta. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the soreness in the arms and the reactions are pretty normal….they told me here that they were slowly building up my resistance to things i’m allergic to. Some days were worse than others for sure (i have asthma too,so it changed my breathing). I’ve been off the shots for 2 years now and feel good. Hopefully you will get to that point, too!!

  14. I used to get allergy shots (but I never saw improvement with my dust/pollens/grass allergies so I stopped). I often had swollen arms too and they told me it was “normal”. I’d get some hydro-cortisone and a mini ice pack and be on my way… Glad your doc is more attentive! Hope the shots help with some of the allergies and I’m glad the food avoidance is making a noticeable difference! I appreciate this series of posts and glad it is working for you so far.

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