I made it through day one of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on.

This is a victory in my book. It’s a struggle for me not to eat certain foods I am drawn too and certainly a struggle to not have caffeine of any kind.

Yesterdays food consisted of:

  • Dried Peaches
  • Fresh Peaches
  • Wild Rice
  • Sprouted Brown Rice
  • Kale
  • Rice Cakes
  • Peach Jelly {natural}
  • Water

My stomach felt better than it has in a very long time and I noticed that despite craving caffeine all day and having a minor headache at times, that I didn’t feel low mentally.

I am 100% convinced that my OCD thoughts and feelings are related to the foods I eat.

When I eat something that my body reacts with I am snippy and just general cranky. This usually happens after meals because I feel like crap. It’s a really strange thing to want to eat to fuel your body, but then to also feel lethargic and terrible after. It’s also really hard to wrap your head around the concept of feeling like crap, when you are eating healthier than you have in your entire life.

In 2013 I started my journey to really understanding the effect foods had on my body and to no longer look at foods as just calories or fat, but to truly understand the nutrition I was getting from the food I was putting in my body. I began this journey after I met Katie at my USATF coaching class. She recommended a couple of books I should read and from there the flame was ignited in me to figure out the solutions to my “issues” and how many of them most likely relate to the foods I was putting in my body. Over the past year when I have felt like I was struggling or was searching for answers, she was only a text away supporting me and giving me advice or just a virtual shoulder to cry on. I’m so thankful that my life path crossed hers. I can’t even begin to thank her for her friendship, my life is very different now a year later than when I met her in January of 2013.

It makes me cringe to ever think I thought Lean Pockets were healthy. I would eat one and that would be my entire lunch. No wonder I was hungry and lethargic. No nutrition – just calories and while yes calories matter it not just about calories. If it was we could eat our allotted calorie count in Cheetos and feel great. It doesn’t work like that.

I currently weigh 10 pounds more than my happy weight. It’s a number I haven’t seen on the scale since I was pregnant with Colton. I’m not happy about it, but I know this will change now that I know what is reacting with my body. If I feel better I will be able to be more active as well, and not have my body be inflamed, swollen or retaining as much water. I feel hopeful for 2014 and beyond.

I know I am not alone, there are others that struggle with food allergies. I know this will get better. I like documenting my journey {ups and downs – highs and lows} with the hopes of learning more from others and hopefully helping someone else on their health journey much the way Katie inspired me to really figure out what was going on inside my body.

Today is day 2. I slept AMAZING last night and didn’t wake up with a headache for the first time in awhile.

Baby steps. It won’t happen overnight but knowledge is power right? Now I have the power to feel better.

I have a lot to be happy about today.

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Getting some solid sleep helps, hard for your body to rest and heal when it’s expending energy fighting problem foods.

    Curiosity Q – Does the diet eliminate meat & fish as well as eggs? It doesn’t look like you got much protein yesterday.

    Katie sounds like a great friend & resource. Could you list the books you found helpful?

    Wishing you the best!

  2. Glad you starting to feel better and realize what is causing it! I’ve been noticing lately I may have a small dairy intolerance – thinking about slowly weening myself off and seeing what happens. The only thing that is standing in my way is fear.

  3. I am right there with you! It is frustrating trying to figure out how my body works and what foods it likes and doesn’t like. It is especially hard when you want to fuel your body for the amount of training an ironman in my case yet everything seems to make me feel terrible. Hopefully we can figure it out in 2014!

  4. Krystin C. says:

    Can’t wait to follow along, food is so hard!! It takes so much time, knowledge and will power to slowly find what works for our bodies and makes us feel the best we can feel! I struggle with not eating crap because it is easy. Take care!

  5. Hope that this new diet works for you! I know that allergies can be terrible. Out of curiosity have you tried Beta Glucan before? It regulates your immune system so that it doesn’t over-react to “allergens” which can be every day things and helps it to work a bit better. If you want to find out more this is the website : http://www.natureandlife.com :)
    Take care,

  6. Great Post. I always hear people saying…oh I am sick again or I ate something bad last night. I always tell them…most likely you have an allergy you don’t know about. It is fairly common but most people don’t change their habits or investigate it. Good for you! Eat Clean and Train Dirty!

  7. My wife suggested I start following your allergen elimination journey as I’ve experienced some of the things that you’ve discussed. What were the books that you mentioned were suggested by Katie?


  8. I’m so glad to hear you’re starting to feel better already! Hope the coffee headaches are starting to go away, too!

  9. I too am interested in the books that Katie recommended. I know that I have food sensitivities but I’m not sure what they are exactly or how to go about find out what they are. I’m very interested in your journey!

  10. I did the Whole30 last March (and another one now). It is truly fascinating to see what reactions your body has to different foods. I knew I was a hopeless sugar junkie, but would never have guessed that dairy gave me some (minor) issues. Knowledge is definitely power. Good luck!

  11. Have you looked into The Blood Type Diet book? My chiro is an ultra runner who recommended it to me when I began running marathons as a way to keep inflammation down on a cellular level. I could give a million examples of how it was spot on with food allergies. Another interesting thing that happened – once I eliminated what I was not supposed to eat, my cravings became what my body needed. Also, I suspected my baby’s blood type when I was pregnant based on what I craved (and it was a type different than mine) and I turned out to be right.

  12. I’m so glad you’re on the right track to figuring this out. Even though I don’t have an allergies food makes a huge difference in how I feel. And I”m learning also affects my oral health. I just went to the dentist and found I have four cavities. I decided to treat it with diet and a new oral health regimen vs. getting them filled so I read up on how to heal cavities naturally. It has drastically changed my diet in the best way possible. My husband also recently found out he has really high blood pressure despite his younger age and his activity level so I’m drastically changing our whole families diet too. Meal planning has been a HUGE challenge but the more time I spend trying to make healthy foods for my family the better I feel.

  13. I really like your blog, and this particular post popped out to me, because I read an article just yesterday by a cardiovascular surgeon regarding high cholesterol and causes (not that you have high cholesterol, but read on). Basically, according to the latest research our current treatment of statins and low fat diet have done nothing to improve the problem. He stated that INFLAMATION of the AV vessels due to processed foods high omega 6 oils, high sugar content, etc trap plaque, that would otherwise be carried out of the body. His preventative treatment: Whole Foods, no sugar, etc. Refreshing to hear from the Medicine world! I am an RN, so I know! I look forward to hearing how your elimination diet goes.

    Your blog is awesome!

  14. Great spirit, attitude and positive energy Dorothy! You will tackle this and everyday is a step closer!

  15. I sincerely hope you continue to feel better as the elimination diet goes on, and you find your happy diet! And, I hope you continue to document 1. what you are eating 2. how you’re feeling. This is so informative and interesting!

  16. SO GLAD that you’re feeling better. Nutrition is so important to training – almost as important as the training itself! Love that you’re putting it all out there so other people with similar situations can relate and feel inspired. You got this! Mind over matter :-)

  17. It is really amazing how different you feel when you focus on fuel through nutritient rich foods instead of low calorie or low fat or low carb foods.

    Occasionally I will go grain free if I’m scaling back training (usually right after a big race) to refocus my body away from overly carb filled foods, but I’ve come to realize how important the right mix of macros are needed to really train.

  18. “When I eat something that my body reacts with I am snippy and just general cranky. This usually happens after meals because I feel like crap. It’s a really strange thing to want to eat to fuel your body, but then to also feel lethargic and terrible after. It’s also really hard to wrap your head around the concept of feeling like crap, when you are eating healthier than you have in your entire life.”

    I could have written this paragraph myself. I swear, this is how I feel daily, especially after lunch. I am up to *here* with my digestive issues. Very close to attempting an elimination-type diet myself but… um, I like too many things. Ha. Anyways, thank you for sharing this with us. You are definitely not alone, and now I know I am not either.

  19. Would love to know what books Katie recommended.

  20. I have heard about elimination approach from PaleoPodcast guys Robb and Greg. I suggest you to check out couple of episodes!

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