Saturday I ran 18.18 miles with an average pace of 8:18. I have this crazy [some think insane] thing with the number 818. I see it ALL the time. This run is just nuts to me because there is NO WAY I could even try to do this. Normally I stop my run when I hear my garmin beep the mile but Saturday I decided I wanted to be home as quickly as possible so I just ran till I was in front of my house and hit stop. I smiled when I saw 18.18. 5 minutes later when I went to take a picture of my garmin I saw my average pace was 8:18. I can’t make this 818 stuff up. I literally see it everywhere. I know some of it is because I am more aware of the number so I probably notice it more than I normally would, but other times I just know it’s there for me.

Post shower – I decided it was a fitting day to wear this necklace a friend gave me. It has become one of my absolute favorites. {I really really love it MP – thank you!!}

I didn’t eat anything before the run and didn’t use any fuel on the run. 18 miles with water only will really make you FEEL the miles. I typically do this for runs 16 miles or less but I’m pretty sure this may have been my first time doing it for 18 miles. It was a seriously hard workout, but I still managed to pick up the pace at the end despite questioning whether I would even be able to finish. You can tell how hilly the route was based on how flip flopped the miles were for the out and back run.

We are still loving our new house and had a great time this weekend exploring the town a little.

Dancing on the front porch

There were so many OFF things about our other house, that YES simply the act of moving [which isn’t exactly simple] has made us a happier family.

My Family - LOVE LOVE LOVE them

I love watching how much Chloe cares about Colton


Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. So very happy for you and your beautiful family! 18 miles at 8:18 pace is setting you up for a big marathon PR! Nice work!

  2. You are such an inspiration, lady!

  3. precious!

  4. To me, there is almost nothing in the world sweeter than watching my kids’ compassion for their siblings….This is followed closely by a huge PR (I agree with Kris, you’re looking to be well on your way to that one!). :)

  5. I love your necklace- it is beautiful and so fitting for you!

  6. I’ve told you this before, but I have the same thing with 9:11. See it every day, multiple times and I don’t like it. Always makes me feel unsettled like there is an emergency! And of course I’m usually super optimistic so I’m not a fan of this daily downer!
    Love the pics of the family!
    As far as fueling for runs go, I always eat breakfast before running, but I never fuel during the run. Makes the fuel during the marathon seem extra helpful. Also gives me stomach problems sometimes so I’m going to start fueling during my next marathon cycle (just on a few of my long runs is the plan right now).

  7. When I saw you posted the pic of your Garmin, I was in awe, literally! You are a rock star! I don’t know if I would be able to ever get to 18 miles in one run but dang girl you got it down. Your family is beautiful and you are in a really good place with the move. So happy for you!!!

  8. You are truly an inspiration inside and out girl!!!! Your family is absolutely adorable!!

  9. That’s incredible…on no food??? Crrrazy girl. So impressed!!

  10. “Not eating and drinking before exercise are two of the biggest mistakes an athlete makes in his diet, according to the American Council on Exercise.” Guess you need to set them straight! You’re awesome!

  11. I know I commented this on a photo of yours before, but my birthday is 8.18.81, so I love those numbers! Great job on such an awesome run! I’m so jealous! I’m between 9:30-10 minute miles.

  12. So glad to hear you are all settled in your new home. I believe in signs like the “818” for you. I saw a tree full of Bluebirds the other day. Every time I see them good things happen to me. I saw them before getting pregnant with my twins and when I saw these the other day, we found a beautiful house in our price range the next day and are now in escrow… thank goodness! God speaks to us in the ways that we will listen. We have a “818” area code in SoCal, maybe you need to run your next marathon here… you have a place to stay (with my family) :)

  13. If that is your new house in the family photo, it must be amazing! Looks beautiful. So glad that you are all loving it!

  14. You literally ran your botty off! Keep it up girl, you’re a GREAT inspiration!!!!

  15. I too see the same number all the time {11} in different sequences throughout my day! I even had to write a post on it. I choose to believe it means something just for me and it comforts me each time I see it : )

  16. Great job on your run! I can’t wait to see you tear up the marathon! One day I hope I can hold that pace for 18.18 miles 😉

  17. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    Love the blondies!! My oldest has brown hair, my middle is platinum and the little guy is just blonde – funny how different! Your family is beautiful. My hubs and I have a thing with 143, seeing it everywhere. We are like little kids when we see it – look, 143!!
    Awesome run. I do long runs without fuel as well, usually minimal water, too, because I dont like carrying things! The longest I’ve done is 20 without it and my body is used to it. It makes for great training.

  18. Love the picture of proud poppa with his adorable kiddos! You have such a beatiful family! Hope you are doing well, and still loving your new house!! xoxo

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