WARNING:  Do not schedule Dr’s check ups for the weekend after you vacation.  This includes any appointment where there is a weigh in.

Last weekend was spent in Sea Isle city NJ with my best friend and college roomie, Run Mishi Run [she is also preggers and expecting in December].  It was our first family vacation and my first time heading to the beach in WAY too long.  The weekend started with the best of intentions – I packed three days worth of running gear. I was ready to go and motivated.  Friday morning I laced up and headed out the door.  The sea air hit me, I felt *at home*  Running commences, running ends, walking begins, running commences, running ends, walking begins…repeat for 2.5 miles.  The burning in my thighs was too much for me to handle, so I just had to waddle like a pregnant woman and run/walk.  I might have cried or felt sorry for myself except I was at the beach.

*Dorothy – you are on vacation – enjoy it.* Enjoy it I did.

After eating my way through the weekend I could tell that even my maternity clothes were feeling a little tight.  Tuesday was my 24 week Dr. apt.  I got on the scale and nearly fell over when I saw the gain.  30 lbs.  [I tell you this not to complain but to let women out there who might be going through a similar struggle – that it happens – it happens to the best of us – it happens to people who are active and think they eat fairly well]  When I questioned the Dr about the gain and asked her to compare my two previous pregnancies – she asked me if *I was active?*  I wanted to cry, my voice cracked, as I tried to explain that I am a runner, that I really care about my activity level and that lately I have had this weird burning sensation and NO I can’t just run through it as most have suggested.  She told me I was fine, to watch what I eat and just be happy.

After doing some research I found that for someone my height with a BMI of under 20 before this pregnancy, it’s completely normal and OK to gain 40lbs.  After eating healthy all week, not eating out, and not eating sweet tarts every day, I am back to only a 25.5 weight gain so far.  I have 16 more weeks left.

I’m not worried about my weight because I am worried it won’t come off.  I know it will.  I’m not going to diet (it’s a really really bad idea to diet when pregnant – if you need/want reasons why – google it).  What I am going to do is remember that I still can splurge, but I don’t need to splurge at every meal, every day.  I’m going to remember that pregnancy is not an excuse to eat anything and everything you don’t normally eat.  I’m going to make sure I eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day and that I drink more water.  I’m going to remember that there is a little human in there and he would like to not only be fed Coldstone but could also use some almonds from time to time.

My week –
Monday – 3 miles run/walk Treadmill
Tuesday – 2.3 miles run/walk Treadmill
Wednesday – 3 miles outside run/walk
Thursday – rest
Friday – run/walk 6 miles outside
Saturday – 6 miles running NO WALKING – WOOOO HOOOO
Sunday – rest


  1. Runners Fuel says:

    Looks like a good week! Keep it up!

  2. The Longendyke Family says:

    This made me smile because I did the same thing this week! I had a vaccine appointment last Monday (two days after arriving home from the beach) and I was SURE they wouldn't make me get on the scale for shots! Nope, they did and I shut my eyes! Denial is awful, but I so wasn't prepared and memories of all the food I ate in Myrtle were quickly coming back to me. :) You look fabulous and I WISH my non-pregnant self could run as much as your pregnant self! :)

  3. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    good run saturday! :)

  4. You have such a good attitude about running and weight gain for your pregnancy. At my appointment (had the 24 week on Friday!), the scale says that I've gained 21 lbs. But I didn't start out underweight. So the rule for me is 25-35 lbs… and I still have 16 weeks of gaining a pound a week! WHAT THE HECK?!?!
    I wish that I could get out there and run, but it hurts, so I don't. Walking would be better than nothing… so I just need to get out there! Even if it is hotter than Hades.

  5. The Happy Runner says:

    It's annoying how much you can weigh after an indulgent weekend. Two appts in a row (earlier on in my preg) were Mondays after a big Sunday family party, where I (over)ate lots of yummy, but salty, food. Both times, I gained more than I had expected, but then was back down on Tuesday. But my chart still shows that gain! Now though I'm at 31 weeks and I've gained 23lbs so I feel like I'm fine.

    As long as you aren't pigging out all the time, and you're still active, you'll gain what you need to gain. Which, of course, you already know :-)

    Nice week, too!

  6. You had me a little worried there for a sec. I just got back from vacation (were I pigged out of course) and I have an appt Friday! I can handle an embarrassing weigh-in… I think. I just thought there was something else I should be afraid of! :)

    Anyway, as healthy and active as you are I know you won't make a habit out of gluttonous weekends. Too funny about the baby "wanting" the Coldstone! A smarty already.

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