I’ve been trying to run at least 10 miles every weekend for my *long run* – some runs I’ve felt great on, others I’ve had to stop and walk.

My 10 mile attempt, turned 4 miler, from this past Saturday was discouraging. I told myself that 4 miles at 19 weeks, still rocks. That 4 miles is something to be proud of. I knew what my head was telling me was right, but I just felt a tad sad that I thought I had lost it. [note: if I had lost it – I’m okay with it – I’m pregnant – it happens]

Yesterday hubby decided to take the day off and rest. He has been working countless hours of overtime lately. I set my alarm for 5:40 on the chance I was motivated enough to get up and run. The alarm went off and that little voice in my head said “get out of bed” “get out of bed Dorothy – you never get to run alone in the mornings – you will feel sooooooo much better if you run” My bleary eyed self got out of bed, dressed and was out the door before 6.

I was treated to the coolest weather I have felt all summer. My arms were covered in goosebumps and my face was a giant smile. I debated going for ten miles, but my heart didn’t want to be disappointed so my head said let’s go for 5 – 6. I needed to be back by 7:30 at the latest for hubby to run some errands.

Mile 1 – 9:57 – better than 10 minute miles, I’ll take it
Mile 2 – 9:47 – ooo I’m speeding up – nice
Mile 3 – 9:51 – ok ok don’t get ahead of yourself Dorothy, let’s make it to 5
Mile 4 – 9:42 – wooo hoo – I feel good and know I can push out more miles
Mile 5 – 9:11 – I’m on a roll, not a bagel – lalalalala – this girl is happy to be alive
Mile 6 – 9:21 – darn hills, never noticed this was a hill till I was preggo
Mile 7 – 9:01 – that’s what I’m talking about – never give up – never give up
Mile 8 – 9:10 – feeling awesome, momentarily my body lets me feel as if I am not lugging 25 extra pounds around
Mile 9 – 8:26 – BLISS – SHEER BLISS
Mile 10 – 8:21 – last mile home and seriously I look like I won the lottery, it will take awhile for this smile to go away

10 miles in an 1:32 – I’ll take that :) [ANNNND I was back by 7:29 – how’s that for timing?!?]

If you are finding yourself lacking motivation to run. Think of all the others who can’t run. When your alarm goes off and it’s too early – think of others who would love to go run at that time but who are unable to. Be thankful and grateful for this wonderful sport of running. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves for you to get out there and pound the pavement.

As I said the other day, the less than great runs only make the good ones all that much better.

This was a good run.


  1. Fantastic job, Dorothy! 10 miles is no joke!

  2. Whitney says:

    This is so awesome! Your times ROCK for almost 20 weeks pregnant! Way to go!!!

  3. That's really awesome. Great job!

  4. Rebecca Samson says:

    10 miles must have felt so good and way to kick butt. I'm so ready to have the "feeling back" after your run 10 miles. It's like you can conquer all and then take a nap, haha!

  5. Glad to hear you had a great run!!

  6. The Laminator says:

    So happy that you had a good run Dorothy! I definitely think about all the people who can't run when I lack motivation to head out the door! You're so awesome! Have a great weekend!

  7. Jessica (one happy runner) says:

    ahhh i love this post. i have been having very similar conversations with myself lately but am just trying to soak it up and enjoy the gift of running. i'm finding that running pregnant is full of lessons…and there is a wonderful freedom to it. as much as i LOVE to set goals for myself and work towards them and see my improvement from all my hard work, i am realizing that this is a time to just embrace my running as a part of caring for myself and my growing baby. it is beautiful. THANK YOU for all the inspiration. you are an amazing, wonderful friend!! xoxoxo

  8. Great job! I can't believe you can run 10 miles so pregnant. You're an inspiration!

  9. The Happy Runner says:

    GREAT job! Take those good runs and be proud of them and just shrug off any that are bad.

  10. setiawati says:

    thanks for your tips

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