Brooks Beasts train in Albuquerque, N.M. April 2016. Photo by Craig Fritz

Garrett Heath - you may know him as the guy who beat Mo Farah or it is entirely possible that you haven't heard of him yet. Make no mistake though you will know who he is come next week when the USA Olympic Track and Field Trials kick off in Eugene, Oregon. Brooks gave me the opportunity as a Run Happy Ambassador to ask Garrett Heath, an 8-time NCAA All-American middle distance runner who runs for the Brooks Beasts Track Club, some questions about running and life. What follows are his … [Continue reading...]


I’m on vacation now with my little family in Corolla, North Carolina. This is our 6th year coming and staying at a house in the Corolla Light Community. It’s something that all 5 of us literally look forward to all year and a vacation I’m not sure I will ever get sick of. We arrived […]

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Do you need to update your playlist? Get ready for the June list from RunHundred! 10 songs that will add some pep to your step.   photo by: Sarah Marie Design Studio “The summer possesses a strange magic that allows it to draw pop songs out of the woodwork—even from acts that aren’t necessarily pop acts. Even […]

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Fit Foodie 1

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Three weeks ago I ran my 3rd 5K in May, the Fit Foodie 5K!! At the three-day John Hancock Hosts The Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Race Weekend, calories are both burned and earned!! I can’t even explain to you how happy I am to […]

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I’ve been having vivid dreams lately and was stuck in one this morning when my alarm went off at 4 am. They are the type of dreams that you wake up from and have to really think about whether that was a dream or if what happened, really happened. There was no tossing and turning last night. I […]

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Trading Seconds In For Joy

“Goooooo Dorothy.” I heard it loud and clear. Though I had headphones in my ears, they weren’t on. I wanted to save the music for a harder point and experience the energy from the crowds. For a moment I thought, wait is my name on my bib? Nope. I squinted my eyes to see who it […]

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Chloe Sky Diving

I just returned from a run…..though it was more of a walk than run AND it was broken up and not really what I would consider a quality walk. When I was pregnant and run/walking I called my runs, wuns….rather than saying I ran/walked – I liked the sound of it better, so I’m bringing […]

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Alicia Shay is my new running coach! Photo from the Girls On The Run 5K Race Virginia -

Morning friends! I’ve been hinting for about a month that I had a new coach, but haven’t shared who. Before I share I want to say that in the past month a fire that I haven’t felt in a long time is burning strong inside me. Though I still have my ups and downs {and […]

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10 Songs To Add To Your Running Playlist -

Do you need to update your playlist? Get ready for the May list from RunHundred. It’s been a rainy May in my neck of the woods. I’m looking forward to the HOT weather they are predicting this summer for us and have vowed that no matter how humid it gets, I’m not going to complain!! […]

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One of the misconceptions I had when I started working in the running industry was that if you worked for a company that had something to do with running you would literally be a super fit human because you would have all the time in the world to run. As it turned out fitting in running […]

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A note from a 4th grade teacher

Are you enough? Our childhood shapes us, makes us who we are. The struggles or lack thereof determine how we view the world when we are older. Minor issues that develop through the formative years often turn in to larger issues later in life. The words we hear as a child influence us and in […]

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Inside Tracker - Vitamin D

Since we last talked about my dizziness issues I received my blood work results back from my InsideTracker High Performance Test. It felt like I was a kid on Christmas waiting to open my presents, only I wasn’t sure which day Christmas was, so I obsessively checked my InsideTracker dashboard to see if the results had come […]

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