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2015 is a little over a month away. I've found that goals for a new year are hard to stick with if I crash into them on January 1st. When I prep my mind and my body in December for what I want to accomplish personally, professionally, physically and mentally over the year, I'm more likely to achieve my goals. There is no time like the present. Think about it. … [Continue reading...]

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This morning I’m hopping on a flight and making my way to Vegas for the third year in a row. I’m excited to represent Mazda this year as a Game Changer via their partnership with Rock N Roll Marathons. You can read about the partnership here — I’ll be in the Mazda booth today […]

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Earlier this year I decided that I was going to intentionally focus on positive things, quickly pushing out the negative from my mind. Every day I take time to focus{even just for a moment} on one thing that makes me happy, something I am grateful for. I had a bad habit {I believe you than many negative […]

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Rock N Roll is looking for some new bloggers to join their Rock N Blog team!!! If this is something that interests you – applications are open until Sunday November 16th at midnight – here is the link to apply If you are running one of the races in Las Vegas this weekend come […]

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Colton turned 4 on Sunday. I’m not sure where four years have gone. It seems like it’s been an eternity since he was born, but at the same time, just yesterday. It’s something I’m convinced only a parent can understand. He is my last baby, so at 4 he still seems like a baby to me […]

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I’ve received a bunch of emails after my last couple of posts and an overarching theme with them seems to be related to social media. You don’t have to be blogger or someone who loves instagram, to like social media. Most of us are on it in some form, and while it can be positive and uplifting at […]

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Boston Uncropped

As I started to write out all the changes I’ve made, I realized just how many changes have happened. I didn’t do them all at once like I have in the past, I did them little by little. The changes have become part of my life, a habit if you will, that I no longer think […]

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