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Tried to wake up before the littles this morning, but Miles beat me. I swear the kid does not sleep during the winter. Mixed things up with an RKS Kettlebell workout. Jillian gets me sweating but I know if I want to see visible results I have to constantly keep my body guessing. Once the littles were at school I headed out for what felt like a miserable run because it was windy as all get out. Wind is the type of weather I like the least. I'll run in just about anything, but that … [Continue reading...]

Competitor Inside 1

Good news, our elf has remembered to move this week. I for the life of me do not understand why people have such STRONG polar feelings about this little elf. My kids like it, so I do it, end of story. Ok maybe it’s not the end or the beginning of the story….I great up […]

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I’m back home from a whirlwind weekend in San Antonio at the Rock n Roll Expo and Half Marathon. My heart is full, my legs are tired, and it is back to all things mommyhood. Our elf on the shelf did not move last night, I’m blaming that on my tired legs and the rush […]

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Vegas Running 4

Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon 2014 did not disappoint. In fact, 2014 proved to be bigger and better than 2013 and 2012! This year was crazier schedule wise for me than the previous two years. This year I had the honor of being one of the guest speakers at the expo. I honestly have a […]

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Quote 1

2015 is a little over a month away. I’ve found that goals for a new year are hard to stick with if I crash into them on January 1st. When I prep my mind and my body in December for what I want to accomplish personally, professionally, physically and mentally over the year, I’m more likely to […]

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Mazda 2

This morning I’m hopping on a flight and making my way to Vegas for the third year in a row. I’m excited to represent Mazda this year as a Game Changer via their partnership with Rock N Roll Marathons. You can read about the partnership here — I’ll be in the Mazda booth today […]

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Earlier this year I decided that I was going to intentionally focus on positive things, quickly pushing out the negative from my mind. Every day I take time to focus{even just for a moment} on one thing that makes me happy, something I am grateful for. I had a bad habit {I believe you than many negative […]

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