Sunrise 1-31-16

I post a lot of selfies on my instagram page. Not because I like looking at my face all the time, seriously I don't - there isn't even one solo selfie on my personal instagram page, but because those posts get the most likes. Hear me out..... I'm always dumfounded when I post a picture of something in nature that I think is lovely and it gets less than half of a silly selfie of me post run. I discussed this with a friend once and he said, that's what they want from you. They … [Continue reading...]


Hi running friends! We experienced the storm of a lifetime this past weekend. We have essentially been snowed in since mid day last Friday! Here are some pictures I took during the storm and after…   TODAY ONLY all tanks are on SALE for $19.99 at – this is the lowest they have ever been! I’m […]

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You Are What You Want

Happy 2016 my friends! I can’t believe it’s already the 13th day of this year. I had every intention of posting here every day in January. January is a big month in the health, fitness and running world and I wanted to be a part of that, but life has gotten in the way – […]

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I happen to LOVE a lot of things…. I also happen to like to ramble as well as share what I like/love. I’m sure my friends are thankful I have a blog now, before 2009 they got a lot of emails. Hey did you see this? Oh this is cool, thought you may like it. Now […]

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China Wall Hi Res

I really really don’t like dwelling on runs that didn’t go my way. I put them as far out of my head as I can, as fast as I can. Runners have to have a short memory when it comes to some things and a long memory when it comes to others. I don’t like talking […]

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As I think back on some of my favorite memories of 2015 the Marine Corps Marathon kids race and really the entire race weekend – top out as one of my favorite “running” memories all year! Marine Corps Marathon is one of my favorite races and the weekend is truly one of my favorite weekends […]

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crow trail

In life most things can be looked at – as the glass half full – glass half empty OR that there is anything in your glass to begin with that you have the LUXURY of that decision. When I started looking at things in the 3rd way I started feeling more grateful and started complaining […]

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Your Recovery Obsession Is Slowing You Down: An interesting read from Outside online about speeding up recovery and how could actually be working against you. Read the article and then tell me – do you agree or disagree? At first I thought – no way – recovery is vital – but after thinking about it […]

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Boston Believe

I’ve been lazy lately with my running playlist, opting to hold my phone while I run and listen to Pandora. Pandora is great for short runs, but skip too many songs and you are left listening to some tunes you might not enjoy on a long run. If you are more on top of things […]

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818 091 - Copy

When you run what feels like all the time, even a slight change in weather from the normal can feel fun. The fog/mist yesterday morning had me excited to head out for my easy recovery run. About a mile in to my run I ran into my friend Steve, who owns Transition Triathlon with his […]

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On schedule for yesterday was a fartlek run. 5 times 2 minutes on 1 minute off. Doing speed workouts on the roads has become much easier thanks to my Garmin. Once upon a time I used a stop watch and would have to look down repeatedly during each repeat and then hit lap when the […]

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Applications for the 2016 Rock N’ Blog team close tomorrow 12/9/15 – if you are interested in applying here is the link – They posted THIS little video last night on their social media and I got SUPER excited about Rock N Roll Las Vegas 2016, alas 340 days is a long time away. Balega asked me […]

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1st full week of 2016 training is finished. I’m excited to get serious about training again! Though I don’t love winter training it actually works best with our family schedule right now. My kids don’t have sports on the weekends and overall we “do less” and are at home together more. Because it gets darker earlier, […]

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Friday the 13th Eric and I headed to Las Vegas for one of my favorite race weekends all year. I started the morning with a basement workout. Occasionally I feel crazy when I get up at 4 something to do a workout, but I always feel better on days I workout or run, so if […]

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Vegas 2015 Medals

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I was in Vegas. RNR Vegas always seems to come and go in a flash. While I would certainly love to hit rewind on the whole weekend and do it over again, I am looking forward to the next two months. Related: 10 Packing Hacks For Your […]

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