Dorothy Beal 5

We had a nice little snow day yesterday filled with legos, book reading, and lots of kindle games. In the afternoon I packed orders and headed to the post office with a sick Miles while Eric took the other two to the dentist. Eric texted me while there - that I should hear what Colton was in the back telling the hygienist. That kid. He honestly is one of the funniest people I know and he is only four. Last time I took them to the dentist I heard him in the back telling them all about how he … [Continue reading...]

Dorothy Beal 3

Today is day four of my early to bed and early to rise routine. I’ve set my alarm for five and haven’t been hitting snooze. One thing I learned the first time I transitioned to early morning wake ups was that hitting snooze was the death of me. I never went fully back to sleep […]

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2-24-15 1

I’ve been lacking motivation lately when it comes to marathon training. This happens every single winter and every single winter I forget all about the fact that I really don’t like running in the cold. I’m a super sweaty person, as in even when I’m cold I’m sweating. I’ve been to doctors about said sweating […]

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I’m at the point in training where I’m questioning why I signed up to run a spring marathon. I’m tired of being cold. Despite my house being a lovely 71 degrees, I walk around wearing a hat and finger-less gloves. The thought of running 18 miles outside this weekend is enough to make me want […]

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DB blog comments

As a runner, who doesn’t always listen to music, and who mostly trains alone for marathons, I have a lot of time to think. I think about anything and everything. Some days the thoughts can be maddening other days they feel invigorating, as if the run is giving me a gift. A gift I would […]

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All I find myself doing these days is dreaming of warmer weather. Music is about the only thing getting me through long runs – that and thinking about laying out on the beach sometime in the near future. If you need some new music to help you make it through your runs – check out this […]

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Valentines Day Gifts

Looking for something special to give the runner in your life? Here are some of my ideas! For my 26th marathon my husband gave me the Lagos Heart of Las Vegas Necklace to remind me of the Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon. It holds a special place in my heart {pun intended} because it reminds […]

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My part of the #PathToFit campaign with Garmin and Whole Foods is coming to an end this week. Each week they have given us topics to talk about and we get to “run” with them and make them ours. It’s been nice having someone give me a topic to think about rather than getting lost […]

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Whole 30 1

I survived and THRIVED on Whole30 this past January. My weight stayed right around where I was in the fall but I lost over 4 1/2 inches. A solid inch from each thigh was the icing on the cake, that I won’t be eating This Whole30 challenge was very different for me than the last […]

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