Marine Corps Marathon Tips via @mileposts

Marine Corps Marathon is 5 days away. Ensue freak out. My anxiety has been at an all time high lately. I'm doing more than I ever have and while juggling all the different balls works most days, some days it doesn't. Last Thursday I ran my last progression run before the race and got dizzy in the last .1 of the run. Getting dizzy is the pits and after two years of this happening on and off I'M OVER IT. Friday I ran my last double-digit run before Marine Corps. My heart was … [Continue reading...]


Brooks is on Zulily today and since I’m a FAN of saving money/getting good deals I’m sharing what items are on sale that I have and like! Brooks Streaker Hoodie – I have the grey color which isn’t listed but I wish I had the other two colors as well. It’s seamless which makes it […]

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Note: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Pink Lotus Foundation, a foundation that aims to save lives by enabling underprivileged and low-income women to receive free care to screen for, diagnose, and treat breast related illnesses. I first learned of Andy Funk’s epic 365 mile bike ride from LA to Las Vegas […]

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October is here and in full swing!! Marine Corps Marathon is 17 days away!!! I can’t believe it. Really can’t believe it. If you are looking for new songs to add to your playlist this month here are the top 10 from RunHundred. “This month’s top workout songs include a perfect blend of comebacks and […]

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It’s that time of year when your Facebook feed is filled with post race highs {and lows}. If you know someone running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and would like to track them – you can find all the information you need by clicking HERE.   Chicago may be pancake flat, but that doesn’t mean it […]

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I’m assuming if you are running Marine Corps Marathon you have heard by now that the expo has moved to the Gaylord National Harbor and Convention Center in Maryland. It’s a HUGE change to say the least and while some of us are excited about the move, it may have made things a bit more complicated […]

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Five minutes before I head out for a run my feelings are typically one of two extremes. I am either feeling… …excitement—This is going to be great. I’m so happy I get to go for a run! …or dread—This is going to be terrible. I’m *insert excuse of the day: tired, hungry, not in the mood. […]

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September is almost over which means one thing….marathon season is almost completely upon us! If you are looking for some new songs to add to your long run or marathon playlist check out this month’s list from RunHundred. “The key to any workout mix is finding the right balance between fresh and familiar tracks. Ones in […]

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Morning friends!! I’m excited to share with you today one of my kid’s new favorite drinks! I’ve never understood the adage, don’t drink your calories, it’s like the silly fashion rule that once attempted to tell us we should not wear white shoes or white pants after labor day. I LIKE drinking calories. If I […]

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After literally 13+ years of talking about it, I finally bought a road bike!! I’d say that I wish I had bought one sooner, I don’t {even though I’m completely in love after only 3 rides}. I wasn’t ready before but I am now. I’ve been walking my kids to school every morning. A decision […]

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Morning friends! I just got back from an easy 6 mile run. I’ve been taking my easy runs easier in an attempt to reduce stress. My doctor says that I need to work on stress/anxiety and attempt to reduce it as much as possible. He believes that some of the constant aching in my stomach […]

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IRTB Garmin

If you have been patiently waiting for the updated Garmin I Run This Body watch face for your Garmin – it’s here!! The face has been updated to include even more devices such as the fēnix® 3 HR!! I’m crazy humbled that over 4,600 of you have downloaded it. It means so much to me that this […]

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