Vegas 2015 Medals

I can't believe it's been a week since I was in Vegas. RNR Vegas always seems to come and go in a flash. While I would certainly love to hit rewind on the whole weekend and do it over again, I am looking forward to the next two months. Related: 10 Packing Hacks For Your Next Destination Race Maybe that means I'm at a good place in life - I can look back and feel happy and look forward and feel happy. I haven't always been able to say that. After my ridiculous {because there is no … [Continue reading...]

Ashley 1

First things first. If you have been wanting to order an #irunthisbody shirt – coupon code IRUNTHISBODY will give you 10% off your entire order. It expires tonight at midnight PST and is not valid on previous orders. If you have a shirt already and post a picture to instagram – be sure to […]

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Oh but the seasons, the seasons are the best. Only I didn’t think so until recently and didn’t get people who raved about how wonderful seasons were. I LOVE the beach, so I was convinced I really could do with out fall and winter. This is the first year of my life that I was actually […]

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Run 11 - 3

My eldest two littles have had the day off of school the past two days because of teacher work days, which happens to coincide with voting. Voting is awesome. I understand the need for some schools to be used as places to vote. I also think that by giving kids the day off from school […]

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November Playlist

November! How is it already November? Feels like just yesterday training for fall races was just beginning and now many of them are over. Congrats to everyone who ran NYC Marathon this past weekend!! Rock N Roll Savannah and Las Vegas are coming upon us fast – if you are running one of those races […]

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7 easy miles was the goal for yesterday. Steady pace, not pushing, but not putzing along. Two of my littles didn’t have school so I knew the only way a run was happening was if I made myself go when Eric got home from work. For some reason it’s one of the times I like running […]

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Womens Running - Nail Polish

A bruised toe nail, otherwise known as a black toenail, can be a problem for runners of all distances. The typical cause of a black toenail are running shoes that are too small. However unfortunately, they can also happen during long distance events such as the marathon, when there is a repeated force on your toes for an […]

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Second recap in a month. I feel like this is some sort of giant step for me. Two recaps, means two races. Two races that made me really happy even though they went nothing like I had imagined. I don’t really plan anymore for how things will go in races. I’ve been running races for 14 […]

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Hershey Half Race

Here goes nothing! Haven’t done one of these recap things in a while, I’m {finally} at a place where I can talk about races and not worry about what others do or don’t think. Growing up and maturing is fun like that. I’ll do a race review next week for those of you curious about […]

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Hershey Half I Run This Body

If you are finding yourself scrambling to pick songs to add to your playlist this week for Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday, here are 10 from RunHundred. If these 10 aren’t enough check out my playlist for Women’s Running Magazine HERE! “In a workout playlist, balance is key. Too much familiarity can be boring. At […]

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Trail 8

I feel compelled to write today. Writing is how I process emotions. I want to let the emotions out, sit with them for a little, and then put my big girl pants on and move forward. It took 7 miles this morning for me to process why I was on the verge of tears. 7 […]

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Crow Pose 2

Not long ago I wrote a blog post for Women’s Running talking about running and yoga titled, So You Think You’ll Never Be A Runner When I wrote the post I hadn’t yet flown during what is becoming my yoga practice. In trying to do crow I had fallen flat on my face more times than I […]

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First Day of School

I can’t believe it’s already September! This was the fastest summer of my life. I love my kids and absolutely love staying home with them, but was worried that summer would feel endless with the near daily proclamations of being bored. If not entertained for five minutes, it’s the most boring day of their life. […]

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I’m not here to bash Whole30, it taught me a lot and there were some huge benefits, even though I told you yesterday I won’t do it again. How Whole30 helped me: I started eating real food and by real I mean not something out of a box filled with chemicals, or food that pretends […]

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A couple of years ago a friend told me about the book It Starts With Food. I was feeling run down, I didn’t have energy for my runs and I felt exhausted most days. I was getting plenty, if not too much sleep, but never woke up rested. She suggested I get the book and possibly […]

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